The Broken Image

My face looks dull, I don’t see any passion in those eyes and I do not recognize the person I see in the mirror. I think I’m drowning in a pool of emotions and thoughts. I’m not too sure as to what is the cause of this feeling. I feel all too much at once and nothing at all. What is the problem?

“You are afraid to face yourself.” Someone answered.

I looked around. There was no sign of anybody. I turned and faced the mirror. I saw myself, but it wasn’t me. It was somebody else who looked like me. My inner voice? I think I’m dreaming.

I felt the lack of sleep was showing in the form of hallucinations so I moved aside from the mirror.

“Running away isn’t an answer, honey!” she said.

I stopped and looked at the image in the eye. I felt she had answers to all my questions, but I was afraid to hear them.

“Who are you? And what do you even know about me?” I asked

“Stop fooling yourself, you know who I am. I’m you.” She said

I heaved a sigh and said “Now what?”

“I’m just here to tell the truth. I’m sure a reality check might help.” She smirked.

“I don’t need you, leave me alone.” I said.

“Just the way the man you love doesn’t need you?” she laughed. “Poor girl, it must hurt to be with a person who doesn’t appreciate and care for you. It’s only you trying to save a sinking boat and — ”

“Shut up!” I said angrily.

“I think it’s time you face it! You are an insecure soul chasing a man for his attention. You have submitted yourself to such an extent that you find it hard to leave him. You have sidelined your goals, aspirations and passion because you are obsessed with him. You — ”

“Shut up! Stop talking” I screamed.

“No I won’t! You have lost yourself, your identity and still you refuse to take charge of the situation. You have come to a point where you have ruined your relationships with family, they are disappointed with you. Slowly, your friends have also starting changing their behavior towards you. You are aimless, lost, lonely, soul, who is looking to be accepted by one man. You will never — ”

I yelled loudly and smashed the mirror with a vase. The mirror shattered into a million pieces and so did my heart. I stared at my face in those broken pieces as tears rolled down my cheek. I don’t want anyone telling me anything, I’m fine.

As I got up to leave, I stepped onto one of those broken pieces. The sharp glass cut deep into my feet and I stepped aside from the glass. The mirror, blotched with my blood showed the same image staring back at me.