Never Again


That was it, she was nervous, everybody in the school was talking about it, about his return. Finally, after 3 years Emily was going to see him again but she didn’t know how to feel about it, he left without giving any explanation, without hesitating, without caring about her heart or the pain she must had gone through. She must have hated him, instead the only thing she could think of was his beautiful smile, his perfect eyebrows (she had something about eyebrows) and the way he kissed her, always so deep, not physically but spiritually, the size of his hands and the way they fitted perfectly on hers. Maybe he had his reasons, maybe he was in trouble and couldn’t say goodbye, maybe everything that happen between them was all in her head.

«He wants to talk to you, Emily» Those were Lauren’s words, she told her he had an explanation for her, that he just wanted to make it up to Emily, to start all over again, he just needed a chance to explain what happen and everything would be as it used to.

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