MY WEEK IN BASEBALL: 4/11/16–4/17/16

(Photo via MLB Instagram.)


-A Q&A with Sarah Burns, co-producer of the new Jackie Robinson Documentary @ Vice.
-And Ken Burns talks abt the Robinson documentary some more @ Sports Illustrated.
-Breaking Down A Chaotic First Week In MLB @ Today’s Knuckleball.
Mike Trout: To Live Or Die In Los Angeles @ Bleacher Report.
Despite Changes African-Americans Still Aren’t Watching Baseball (BUT OF COURSE SOME OF THEM DO BECAUSE I DO) @ The Sports Fan Journal.

(Photo via Twitter. Bryce Harper is a precious puppy.)


Scherzer was pitching and he’s one of my faves. I think he is actually my very fave pitcher right now. I was starting a new baby blanket for my friend’s coming-soon baby. So I cast on while I was watching this and it was raining, then it stopped. Bryce and Taylor stole bases at the same time, Bryce stole with his glove in his mouth. I found this alluring. SCRAPPY BASEBALL, ILU. Murphy hit a bomb and brought himself and Bryce on home. I LOVE HOME RUNS. Braves’ Smith got caught stealing second and his batting helmet smacked him in the nose and he walked away bleeding. Oh, baseball. Gio Gonzalez was taking pitching notes in the dugout and he’s set to throw tomorrow. BASEBALL SCHOOL! It was adorable. Bryce didn’t get to hit his 100th HR even though he had the 100 emoji stickers on his bats because they kept walking him and so he kept stealing bases. Papelbon closed the door again. Nats won 6–4.

(Photo via Twitter.)

I took a shower, did the dishes. Dinner was tofu and veggies. I walked my yooj 5k earlier and walked again after dinner because it was beautiful out. I watched both of these games at the same time. I was knitting a new baby blanket. I was wearing my Harper shirt. Kiermaier always gets on base. His OBP must be lit. (I checked and for this year so far it’s .364.) And I love how much he steals. Top of the eighth in the Nats game, still no score. Rays game was tied 1–1 but then Rays’ Forsythe hit a HR, his second of the year and the score was 3–1. I got on Twitter and then I looked up and the score was 5–1. Still no score in the Nats game. Harper was on deck, it was bedtime for my kids, I needed a snack. SWEEEET Harper hit a bomb to left field that wasn’t caught and that’s his third double of the year. Two RBI. Nats lead 2–0. Bryce Harper is good at baseball. Also he wears a long necklace and I want to know more about it. Honestly? I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT THAT NECKLACE. It says BH? It’s his Bryce Harper necklace? I approve. Baseball players love necklaces. Rays won 5–1. I really love the Rays and can’t explain it. They kinda came out of nowhere to me, snuck into my heart. Welcome, boys. Welcome. And speaking of things in my heart, Nats are 5–1 for the first time ever. Nats won 2–1.

(Portrait of the artist as a thirtysomething homemaker in her purple bathroom.)

4/12 ANGELS v A’s
I do not live on the West Coast although one day, I would like to. Would love to. I get sleepy at the end of these West Coast games. I was finishing my tea. Victor Rojas and Mark Gubizca talk me to sleep prettymuch everynight. Their voices, the broadcast music, so comforting to me and I love it. Thanks y’all. I made a snack, paid some bills, went abt my night bidness while the game was on. I went to bed before the end of the game, slept in my Nats/Harper shirt. And I woke up to see it was good luck for all of my teams yesterday. They all won! (Cubs had the night off) Soto crushed one! YAY SOTO! Angels won 5–4.

(Photo via Rays Official Facebook but I have a hard time believing it is real JUST LOOK @ IT.)

I feel like there has been a Braves/Nats game every day for the past two weeks. It was Nats/Braves then Nats/Marlins and now it’s Braves/Nats. Baseball life! I watched the Angels/A’s game while I was making dinner and doing stuff then I turned it over to the Rangers/Mariners game and it went into extra innings. Then my At Bat App told me it was time for Braves/Nats so I turned that on. I never said Baseball Life was easy but I do say it’s worth it. Angels won and swept the A’s yaaay! Whenever the Angels win, the commentators say LIGHT THAT BABY UP because they light up the halo on the big A @ the stadium. #LTBU. And I’m hoping the Nats win too. I’m also hoping Bryce hits his 100th HR tonight because I like it when things like that happen. Like last night, I was watching both games at the same time. Nats were winning 3–0 and Rays were losing 0–3. During this game I was tweeting pictures of Super Dog Max @ the Rays game to Stacey May Fowles because I know how much she appreciates a pup + a baseball game. Roark threw seven shut-out innings. Bryce went 0–4 but Nats won 3–0. Rays lost. Indians won 4–1.

(Photo via Los Angeles Angels Official Instagram.)

4/14 BRAVES v NATS (again tho)
This is the series that will never end but I’m not complaining because this is baseball and baseball is back. Today was my rest day, meaning I didn’t get up first thing in the morning and walk my 5k. I love rest days. I have two a week and I also take them as my Mental Rest Days too, as often as I can. Thursdays and Sundays. And for the most part, I stay off social media, don’t even check my email. So I wasn’t even half-on-Twitter during this game and it was an afternoon game and I do love those. Shake things up. I also listened to a lot of Taylor Swift today because #selfcare. In carpool I listened to part of the Indians/Rays game and I like how I know who’s up at bat just by hearing their walk-up songs. But more importantly during the Nats game BRYCE HARPER HIT HIS 100TH HR AND IT WAS A GRAND SLAM AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Baseball is a gift and it gives and gives to us and we are blessed. I GOT ON TWITTER TO TWEET ABT BRYCE’S GRAND SLAM because of course I did. #noregrets. I love him so much. Nats won 6–2.

(Photo via Washington Nationals Official Twitter.)

4/14 O’s v RANGERS
I can’t watch the Cubs games when they play the Reds because the Reds are the one team blacked out in my package, so boo. But no worries because I love the Rangers because I just do and always have. I didn’t see all of this game. We went out for a bit to try and get a glimpse of the space station but didn’t see it. Came back and changed my clothes because my allergies are so bad (certain times of the year) I have to change my clothes and/or shower as soon as I get inside. So I did that. Watched Max Scherzer drive around with his dogs and be adorable (see video link below) then I turned this game back on. Made tea. I am a creature of habit, absolutely. The Twins and Braves are still winless and I hope they win soon. The O’s lost yesterday for the first time all season. I want Texas to win this game. Also I love Elvis Andrus. I was listening to my friend Ben Tanzer on this Citizen Lit podcast while I was watching the game. Yay! Rangers won 6–3.

(Photo via Emily Austen’s Twitter.)

Jackie Robinson Day! And it’s so beautiful seeing all the boys wearing #42. LOVE YOU JACKIE. Was in carpool and doing stuff when this game started and I listened to some of it. When I finally settled down to watch it was top of the sixth, Rockies leading 3–0. I have plans to go to a real live college baseball game tomorrow so I’m stoked about that. Good solid second week of baseball and the weather around here is finally cooperating, too. Blue blue bluest skies today and warmish. In the morning I walked 3.5 miles, in the afternoon I did homemaking stuffs. I do hope the Cubbies win this game because I always hope the Cubbies win but either way we all win because JACKIE ROBINSON DAY! Rockies are playing some good ball this season so far tho. I mean, who knew right? Anthony Rizzo’s walk up song is “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift. LOVE YOU RIZZO. Top of the eighth Rockies were still winning. Score was 5–1. Cubs were playing weird today and not doing much @ all and several errors. Then it was 6–1. Oh Cubbies. And maybe Rizzo has two walk up songs because this time it was a country song but regardless I appreciate his tastes. I don’t think the Cubs are going to win this game but I can’t tell you why they’re playing like this. Just a weird day. Rockies won 6–1.

(Photo via Sporting News MLB)

Bryce Harper is my fave player right now so we’ll see if this becomes MY WEEK IN BRYCE HARPER’S BASEBALL. Either way I’m good. The Nats have a pretty easy start to their season, swept the Braves and the Phillies don’t seem like they’re going to be much of a problem either. I was bummed when the Reds let Dusty Baker go and I think he’s doing a great job in Washington. Aside from some dumb-dumb comments Baker made re: domestic violence, I dig him and I think he’s a great manager and I like this article re: him and African-Americans and MLB. Top of the first Nats were already leading 4–0. Werth almost hit a grand slam and I will never call it a papa slam no matter how much MLB is pushing it on us. Nope. Joe Ross batted before he pitched because the inning kept going and going. Nats were leading 5–0, top of the first. Bryce hit his 101st HR and his swing is beautiful. Bryce sat down after that, got the rest of the night off. We didn’t see the space station last night but tonight we did. Went out back and watched it during the game. We are a very small part of this universe and life is pretty magical. Praise. Nats won 9–1.

4/16 CLEMSON v UofL
I went with my husband and little ones to a real live college baseball game @ my alma mater. The games are free and the stadium is lovely. Perfect day, beautiful weather and UofL won 7–2. #L1C4

(Idk where this came from but I kinda wanna post it every week because it’s one of my fave baseball pictures.)

I love Vin Scully. I love SF. I love SF even though my fave players keep disappearing from there—Wilson, Lincecum, Vogelsong. Pence and Posey and BCraw and MadBum are still there and they’re my faves too. Ok so I love them all. I watch the Giants/Dodgers series whenever I get a chance because it’s always good and there’s always the potential for Something Special and/or some weirdness/tension/a baseball fight. I learn something new from Vin everytime I listen and I was doing other things while I was watching this game. Giants were leading 4–1, bottom of the seventh. I went to a Dodgers game in LA back in 1996. I like thinking about it. This game got good and I was ready for bed. Giants won 4–3.

4/17 I DIDN’T TURN MY PHONE ALL DAY AND WENT CANOEING WITH MY FAMILY AND WATCHED BASEBALL WHEN I CAME HOME. Thank you, hidden scores setting of MLBtv. Also Bryce homered again.

(Photo via Yankees Official Instagram.)


-Solving The Mystery Of Madison Bumgarner’s Shoe-Size Dilemma @ Fox Sports
-Big Papi’s daughter Alex sang the National Anthem @ Fenway on Big Papi’s last home Opening Day. ADORABLE.
-A Tigers fan caught five different foul balls and gave them all away to young fans.
-Trouty hit his first HR of the season on 4/11! 
-Harper put the 100 emoji stickers on his bats
-Some Angels went to GSW shoot-around while in Oakland. Trouty took video. And also they played P-I-G. Mike has a pretty jump shot and I’m not surprised.
-Vin Scully.
-Baseball, butts.
-This ohsocute video of the new Cubs digs, complete w/baby pictures of the players.
-Which Adorable Baseball Pet Are You? @ Cut4.
Super Dog Max @ the Rays game!!
-All 100 of Harper’s HRs in this hypnotizing video.
-This cozy video of Max Scherzer because I love him @ Vice.
-When commentators say a player “skies” one. 
-JACKIE ROBINSON DAY and every player wearing #42 on 4/15.
-The Twins won! The Braves won!
-At 100 career homers, Bryce Harper shows signs of getting even better @ SI.
Joe Ross said Bryce Harper gave him Jackie Robinson socks that worked as his good luck charm.
-KK got his Gold and Platinum Gloves.
-David Freese, dancing.
-Bryce and Dusty Home Run Hugging.
-When Scherzer is pitching well and steps off the mound and stalks around like a lion.
-Hunter Pence, just because he’s one of My Faves. (Also ADORE his fiancee Lexi! THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER.)

-Braves’ outfielder Hector Olivera arrested after domestic assault @ SI.
Kiermaier and Forsythe donked into one another going for a fly ball in the Rays/White Sox game on 4/15 and both left the game. They are better now! I LOVE YOU. 
-A fan @ the Rays/White Sox game was hit by a foul ball. Prayers and love up and out!

It’s a long season. Praise!