MY WEEK IN BASEBALL: 4/18/16–4/24/16

Leesa Cross-Smith
Apr 24, 2016 · 6 min read
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(Photo via Nats Official Instagram)


-Noah Syndergaard could be on the verge of something special @ ESPN.
Baseball has its Lebron James and his name is Bryce Harper @ Yahoo! Sports.
Bryce Harper is really great but here’s how he’s getting even better @ CBS Sports.
Baseball Tonight: Scoreboard.
-Week 2 Power Rankings @ ESPN.
-Jonah Kheri (one of my fave baseball people!) power ranks every team in baseball after the season’s second week @ SI.
-Bryce Harper is better than everyone else, even Mike Trout @ Sporting News.
The difference between left field and right field @ Hardball News.

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(Photo via Rays Official Instagram.)


The Nats are 9–2. Beautiful. Beautiful day, too. Got up, walked my 5k and it was warm. Spring warm. Also, beautiful. Dinner was grilled chicken wings and veggies. Monday, Monday. Tomorrow’s dinner is crockpot chili so I went downstairs to get the organic ground beef to thaw out for later. It was 3–0 Miami leading in the bottom of the first. Then it was 4–0 but Bryce was making some amaze catches in right field. I was watching both of these games at the same time and my allergies were making me sleepy already. It was only 8:30. There was an Angels game on at the same time. I wanted them to win. Both of these games were pretty zzzz. Bottom of the fifth in the Cubs/Cards game and no score. Too many reviews/challenges in the Nats/Marlins game and Nats were losing 6–1. I took a shower, made some tea. Marlins won 6–1. Cubs won 5–0. And bonus! Angels won 7–0.

The beautiful thing about baseball is that so often, you get another chance the next day. Same teams, different day, different games. My chili was delicious. I got all 10k of my steps and then some. I bet Harper will hit a HR today. Just my feels. Also, Daniel Murphy is good @ baseball. Home runs, doubles, triples. Dig. Bryce struck out a couple times. Bottom of the fourth, no score. But then, top of the seventh BACK TO BACK JACKS. Werth and Ramos. AND THEN EVERYONE HIT A HR AND EVERYONE SCORED AND BRYCE HIT A(NOTHER) GRAND SLAM. I love him so much. #makebaseballfunagain. Bottom of the seventh it was 7–0 Nats. Werth hit his 200th HR and the ball went into the Marlins moving art statue thing they have and ppl were having a hard time getting it out. The commentators talked abt that for awhile. Oh, baseball. Four HRs in the same inning for the first time in Nats history. Beautiful. Nats won 7–0.

(Photo via Cubs Official Instagram.)

Bryce Harper has more HRs (7) than strikeouts (6) right now. So this is the game I’m watching. I was doing lots of other things as I was watching tho. I was basically just waiting around for Bryce to bat. Had homemaking things to do. Plus kiddo bedtime. Top of the eighth it was 3–1. Earlier, I listened to some of the Angels/White Sox game in carpool then watched it when I was back home. Angels lost but I believe Trout and Pujols will get it together and soon. Idk what’s going on with them. In the Nats game Papelbon came in, closed the door. Scherzer pitches tomorrow, afternoon game. Nats won 3–1.

Prince died and I was sad. RE: baseball, first pitch he saw, first swing, Bryce hit a HR. Top of the first. His eighth HR. Beautiful. And he didn’t even have his hair fancy-gelled today. It was puffed and adorable like a little chicken. Scherzer was pitching and he’s my fave so because I couldn’t watch this game live since I had carpool and errands, I didn’t listen to the audio, I waited until I got home and watched it on delay. I was watching it while I was answering emails and writing. It was raining in Kentucky. Some guy outside in our neighborhood was weedwhacking and it was super-loud. I was hungry. I made dinner during the game. Salmon, shrimp and veggies. I was helping my kid with his homework. Whenever I watch games on delay it feels like they take forever and it was a slow-ish game to begin with. Top of the sixth, Marlins were winning 5–1. Angels won. Rays won. Nats lost. Marlins won 5–1.

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(Photo via Cubs Official Instagram.)

4/21 CUBS v REDS
I can’t watch Reds game because they are blacked out via my package. I listened to the end of this game because of the no-hitter alerts I got re: Arrieta. Bottom of the seventh Cubs were winning 13–0. Bryant hit two HRs and one was a granny. Then it was 16–0 when Arrieta took the mound in the bottom of the ninth. No-hitter still in tact. HE DID IT! NO HITTER FOR JAKE ARRIETA!!! Cubs won 16–0.

I was listening to Rihanna and tweeting during this game for the most part. Also my kids were being hella loud. Nats busted out of the gate scoring runs tho and by the top of the fifth Nats were leading 7–1. It was raining in DC. Gio was pitching. Goodstuffs. Nats won 8–4.

I listened to some of this game but had a busy day and didn’t get to watch any of it but I did finish (reading) a book so all was not lost. And Nats won 2–0.

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(Photo via Nats Official Instagram.)


-Only Vin Scully can make a reading a grocery list exciting @ Cut 4
Craig Kimbrel’s pitching stance
-Noah Syndergaard threw a pitch so hard he branded a catcher @ NBC Sports.
-Trevor Story.
-Why I love the Reds by Robyn Ryle.
-Four and Fair 2016 Baseball Preview (including me!)
-Kiermaier hit his first HR of the season on 4/19!
-Bryce Harper having more HRs than strikeouts as of 4/20.
-Love, Honour and Protect: Building the Perfect Big-League Glove @ Vice.
The wrath of Thor is here to destroy professional hitters @ Beyond The Box Score.
-Walk-off on a passed ball by the O’s on 4/20.
-Fan watches Angels/White Sox game in a gorilla suit @ SI
Benches cleared in the Diamondbacks/Giants game on 4/21 but it was chill
-This tweet.
-This throw by Yasiel Puig.
-This 9–3–2–6–2–5 White Sox triple play, the first in MLB history!
-Mike Trout.
-Harper pinch-hitting on his day off, hitting a HR, tying the game in the ninth inning on 4/24 like a MAGICAL BASEBALL PRINCE.
-Rally caps/hoodies/anything esp. in this super-long Twins/Nats game.
-The pitcher’s face when he throws a guy out attempting a steal.

Giants fan melts when learning the ball he grabbed was in play :( @ SI
Blue Jays’ Chris Colabello suspended 80 games for PED violation @ SI
The Angels were playing some terrible baseball early this week. Lowest number of runs in the AL. :(

It’s a long season. Praise!

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