MY WEEK IN BASEBALL: 5/9/16–5/15/16

(Photo via MLB Official Instagram.)


-Bryce Harper reaches base 7 times without official at-bat
-Nats know they must start making teams pay for walking Harper
-What if a team tried to do to the Cubs what they just did to Bryce Harper?
-The 30: Starting pitchers in focus for Week 5 MLB power rankings

(Bryce getting walked for the sixth time and being all like WOW THIS IS AWESOME. Also these are the kinds of things I post on my Instagram.)


Listened to some of this on my phone when my kiddos were @ the playground. Came back home and it was bottom of the second it was 2–0 Tigers. Rainy Monday. Knitting a baby blanket for my friend during this game. Also I was looking @ a Tom Hiddleston Tumblr because my celebrity crushes are v. important to me. Top of the fifth Tigers were leading 4–1. Nats need to win this game tho soooo *thinking emoji.* Bottom of the sixth, Murphy hit a bomb. Score was 4–3, Tigers. Bottom of the seventh I started watching High Rise because Tom Hiddleston is in it. Ok but while I was watching the movie the Nats won on a walk off AND Bryce got ejected and then said EFF YOU to the ump right after the game! BASEBALL! Nats won 5–4.

Bottom of the second, there were some rally ducks on the field. Baseball is cute. Bottom of the seventh Tigers lead 5–4. It was storming again at my house during this game and we went out for a coffee in the rain. ZIMMERMAN! I was also doing website stuff during this game and writing another thing and people were still talking abt the Bryce ejection from yesterday and his “choice words” and the Tigers won 5–4.

(Photo via official Angels Instagram.)

-Batting lineup gossip says Harper’s going third tonight w/Murph right behind him, then Zimms. WE’LL SEE. Been going out a lot in the evenings this week because it’s spring so I haven’t been catching all of the 7 o’clock games. Came back home and finished this one up. Scherzer tied his strike out record @ the top of the eighth. SEVENTEEN. I do adore a one Maxwell Scherzer. And Bryce shaved his beard which I do not adore but it’ll grow back. It was storming here while I was watching this game. Again. Scherzer struck out his EIGHTEENTH batter in the bottom of the eighth and prowled off of the mound with his fussy serious face on. His I MEAN BIDNESS FACE. The wind was blowing the chairs across our deck and there was lots of thunder and rain. TWENTY STRIKE OUTS FOR SCHERZER top of the ninth. TIED THE MLB RECORD! Oh, man. I love baseball. Nats won 3–2.

(Photo via official MLB Instagram.)

-Nats had the night off. I started watching this game top of the fifth and after hit after hit and HRs off of Weaver, Cardinals scored FIVE runs in the fifth so per math, Cardinals were winning 8–5. Daaang, it’s hard out here for an Angels fan. Angels need better pitching. It’s all abt the pitching. At LEAST the Angels were wearing their home whites. I LOVE THE HOME WHITES. Bottom of the fifth, score was 8–7. Good job, Angels! The #rallycat on the field earlier must’ve gotten them fired up! Went to sleep and as much as it would be nice to wake up to an Angels win, I won’t hold my breath because they ain’t been playing the best lately. I still love them. LOVE YOU ANGELS. PROUD OF YOU FOR RALLY CATTING, even. This season hasn’t been the best for the Angels so far, but I do love when they hustle and can’t stop won’t stop. Good job boys. Woke to find that the Cardinals won 12–10.

(This week was a lot of rain and a lot of Starbucks.)

-I only saw some of this game then I left the house and listened to some of it. I do know Bryce homered. I was out with my family. I walked in the morning, I worked some. And the thing is, even when I’m not actively watching a game, I’m just still so glad it’s there. Thank you, baseball. Nats won 5–3.

- 1:05 pm I downloaded the new Broadway app on my AppleTV and then wonderfully fell down a rabbit hole of showtunes as I do so often. I was late turning this game on. I had a delicious lunch watching this game. Soy ginger chicken and mushrooms. I think I’m coming down w a bit of a cold. Bottom of the third Nats were leading 3–1. I had to do some website work for the litmag we run and I was listening to The Night Manager soundtrack. My neighbor was cutting the grass bc my neighbor is always cutting his grass. Top of the sixth it was 4–2, Nats. It started raining at lot in DC and there was a guy in the stands in a raincoat drinking a beer, Facetiming someone. I love baseball. Nats won 6–4. Bryce was sitting out his suspension in the second game of the doubleheader. I was doing housekeeping stuff and working so I didn’t watch it. Marlins won 7–1.

(#rallycat photo via Angels Official Twitter.)


The Cubs debuted the wildest formal wear styles to kick off their ‘minimalist zany suit’ road trip. (was last week BUT STILL.)
-LSU Baseball Game Interrupted By Baby Opossum
-Yasiel Puig is joining Bryce Harper’s ‘make baseball fun again’ campaign
-Bryce Harper is a nice guy and good at baseball
-Harper is ejected, has choice words for ump
-Maxwell Scherzer 
-Rally cat!
-Vin Scully calling Kershaw Sandy Koufax

It’s a long season. Praise!