MY WEEK IN BASEBALL: 5/9/16–5/15/16

Leesa Cross-Smith
May 15, 2016 · 5 min read
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(Photo via MLB Official Instagram.)


-Bryce Harper reaches base 7 times without official at-bat
-Nats know they must start making teams pay for walking Harper
-What if a team tried to do to the Cubs what they just did to Bryce Harper?
-The 30: Starting pitchers in focus for Week 5 MLB power rankings

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(Bryce getting walked for the sixth time and being all like WOW THIS IS AWESOME. Also these are the kinds of things I post on my Instagram.)


Listened to some of this on my phone when my kiddos were @ the playground. Came back home and it was bottom of the second it was 2–0 Tigers. Rainy Monday. Knitting a baby blanket for my friend during this game. Also I was looking @ a Tom Hiddleston Tumblr because my celebrity crushes are v. important to me. Top of the fifth Tigers were leading 4–1. Nats need to win this game tho soooo *thinking emoji.* Bottom of the sixth, Murphy hit a bomb. Score was 4–3, Tigers. Bottom of the seventh I started watching High Rise because Tom Hiddleston is in it. Ok but while I was watching the movie the Nats won on a walk off AND Bryce got ejected and then said EFF YOU to the ump right after the game! BASEBALL! Nats won 5–4.

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(Photo via official Angels Instagram.)
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(Photo via official MLB Instagram.)
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(This week was a lot of rain and a lot of Starbucks.)
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(#rallycat photo via Angels Official Twitter.)


The Cubs debuted the wildest formal wear styles to kick off their ‘minimalist zany suit’ road trip. (was last week BUT STILL.)
-LSU Baseball Game Interrupted By Baby Opossum
-Yasiel Puig is joining Bryce Harper’s ‘make baseball fun again’ campaign
-Bryce Harper is a nice guy and good at baseball
-Harper is ejected, has choice words for ump
-Maxwell Scherzer
-Rally cat!
-Vin Scully calling Kershaw Sandy Koufax

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