MY WEEK IN BASEBALL: 6/27/16–7/3/16

(Photo via MLB Instagram bc it was Jeter’s bday. Happy bday Jeet!)


-My Week In Baseball is a little lean this week bc I’ve been working working and not watching as much and also, there was Wimbledon and soccer. But, baseball. Yes. And stoked abt this forthcoming book from one of my fave baseball writers, Stacey May Fowles!


6/27: METS v NATS
-Didn’t turn this on until the top of the seventh and Nats were winning 11–4. Before I got home and turned it on, I was out w/my family doing some sunset/cloud watching. This is something we like to do everynight in the summer if/when we can. Take time and be quiet. Watch. And sunsets get even better once the sun goes down. The skies/cloud begin to tint even more. It’s downright glorious. Watched Wimbledon and soccer today. And baseball nights. I’ve missed Bryce bc I haven’t been watching as much baseball bc beach house and finishing my novel. I did my ballet stretches and I was diffusing lavender + peppermint in my oil diffuser. Chill, cozy. In the Cubs game, Bryant hit three HRs. Nats won 11–4 and it was time for the kiddos to go to bed.

(My feet, ballet stretches, Kentucky sunset clouds.)

6/28: METS v NATS
Turned this one on, top of the sixth. Nats were winning 3–0. Walked miles and miles, came home. Was half-watching this, half-watching ballet videos on Instagram. I think I missed a Harper HR? Yes. I checked. Harper’s 16th of the season so far. I’ve been watching Wimbledon in the mornings. Serena won today. Harper almost hit another HR then Ramos hit his 14th double to the season and Nats were winning 5–0. Nats won 5–0, but I turned it to the ASTROS v ANGELS game before it ended. Angels been playing terrible but Pujols stole a base! Astros won 4–2.

6/29: METS v NATS
-Tuned in like, the ninth inning. I am a bad baseball-watcher this week but I’ve been getting a lot of other shizz done and what I love abt baseball is that even when I ain’t watching it, it’s there. Ilu, baseball. Nats won 4–2.

(Photo via MLB Instagram)

6/30: REDS v NATS
-Watched tennis this morning/afternoon. Watched the Portugal/Poland soccer match and cried @ the end bc #sportsemotions. Kershaw got put on the DL and rumor has it KD is gonna stay in OKC. SO MUCH SPORTS NEWS/GOSSIP. I couldn’t watch this baseball game live bc Reds games are blacked out where I live. I was going to listen to it, but forgot. The kiddos wanted to play tennis so we went to the tennis court then we went to watch the sunset. Came home, took a shower, made some tea. Nats won 13–4.

-Ok, so the Angels have been terrible and it’s their worst record in franchise history? They haven’t been as much fun to watch this year, duh. But I do love them. Even when they ain’t lovable. Middle of the 6th I tried to turn this on but the game had been delayed. Red Sox were leading 5–4. Game started back up again. Red Sox won 5–4.

(Photo via MLB Instagram)

-I only caught the end of this game which was a bummer bc Angels accomplish feat not seen since 1936. SO MANY RUNS! I’ve been revising and working a bit too much to watch all of these games and I watched some tennis, some soccer but I have to mention this game bc DUDE. #blessed. Angels won 21–2.


-Baseball players falling down
-Trouty proposing to his girlfriend

It’s a long season. (And I’ll keep poking in, writing these from time to time bc I love them.) Praise!