MY WEEK IN BASEBALL: 9/11/16–9/17/16

(Photo via Official MLB Instagram)


-I was avoiding social media for most of (early) this week bc that’s a good, important thing I do sometimes so I didn’t really get a bunch of good baseball links but that’s okay too. This week’s LEAD OFF is: sometimes it’s good to take a break. I am sad that we are already deep into September baseball bc that means playoffs are soon and The World Series is soon and baseball is over soon. It is a long season and I never want it to end. Someone asked me recently what it was abt me + baseball and I told them IT BLESSES ME AND I LET IT. That’s my truth.

(TREA! Photo via Official Nats Instagram)


-Busy sports day! First NFL Sunday and US Open Men’s Championship. Also, there was baseball. Bless us. I half-watched this game but was mostly watching the Packers (thankfully) beat the Jaguars. So glad it’s time for my Quarterback Boyfriend Aaron Rodgers to come back into my life on my TV instead of just via his beautiful girlfriend’s Instagram. I love Olivia Munn. So much cuteness. But I watched some of the Nats game and Daniel Murphy continues to do Daniel Murphy things and Gio was amaze. The Nats have been SO FUN to watch this year…even before Trea Turner and National TREAsure Turner has only made it better. Trea stole two bases today. 23 for the season, through 54 games according to the Official Washington Nationals Twitter. Nats won 3–2, making their magic number 11.

-At one point during this game I said ARE THE ASTROS EVEN PLAYING aloud bc in the fourth inning it was 9–0, all Cubbies. Stan Wawrinka beat Novak Djokovic to win the US Open. Astros woke up a bit and Altuve hit a HR off of Arrieta, bottom of the 4th. The Cubs are just so good. Astros scored some more but Cubs won 9–5, making their magic number five.

(Photo via Official MLB Instagram)

9/12: METS v NATS
-Monday and ragweed allergies are awful but the day was absolutely beautiful w/clear blue skies. I read Outlander, listened to an Outlander podcast (The Scot & The Sassenach) and also watched Outlander while I knit a blanket for my husband. Those are my September days. Before that I walked three miles and later, I took a nap. I turned on this game bottom of the first, tied 1–1 and the Nats had the bases loaded, Montero pitching. Montero walked a bunch of dudes, then walked a dude in. Nats lead 2–1, w/one out. And in the bottom of the second, Nats pitcher Mat Latos hit his fourth career HR making it 3–1. #pitcherswhorake. Daniel Murphy got his 43rd double of the season bc that’s what he do. Murph loves getting hits against his old team. Bryce was intentionally walked again. Walked for the 100th time. Then, Rendon hit a HR and it was 6–1, bottom of the second. Always cracks me up when a pitcher walks a guy then the next guy up makes him pay by hitting a jack. Gorgeous baseball. Mets got a new pitcher. Good move. I was listening to The Lumineers and formatting WhiskeyPaper stories so I turned the commentary down. My daughter was reading a book on the couch, my husband and son were out on a bike ride. I hate how early it gets dark now. Autumn is coming, baseball will be over soon. But not yet. By the time the kids were in bed I had a cup of tea and was poking around Tumblr, Nats were leading 8–1. I got an alert that Hendricks was flirting w/a no-no in the Cubs/STL game. (Heartbreaking tho bc Hazelbaker hit a HR off of him in the bottom of the ninth.) I turned it on and Joe Maddon got ejected bc sometimes nights are BASEBALL CRAZY. Latos left the Nats game in the fifth w/an injury. GET WELL SOON LATOS. And the Nats (in those beautiful home whites) won 8–1.

(Photo via Twitter)

9/13: METS v NATS
-Syndergaard was pitching and I like it when his hair blows majestically in the breeze. Had this game on my husband’s laptop, but was doing other things. Bottom of the second, I looked up and Harper had walked again, bringing his season total to 102. I made some tea. But before that, Bryce stole a base. His 21st. Ramos got a double, Nats scored. 1–0. I did a bunch of stuff and then I looked over, top of the fifth, Mets were winning 3–1. Then bottom of the ninth there was some MAJOR HIGH STAKES BASEBALL and the Nats tied it up w/no outs 3–3. I screamed and forgot my kids were in bed. Whoops. But then the game took a turn and the Mets hit a HR and the Nats lost. Mets won 4–3.

(Photo via Official Angels Instagram.)

9/14: METS v NATS
-This game came on @ like 4:30ish so I missed some of it bc I was making dinner, doing stuff. Sat down and turned it on after dinner in time to see Murph getting walked, Bryce struck out and then next inning, Ramos hit a bomb in the bottom of the seventh. Nats lead 1–0. My Visual Interview went live @ Fear No Lit this morning. I walked three miles, got my Outlander cookbook in the mail, did carpool, made sausage and onions and mashed cauliflower before making tea and watching the game. I was also doing two more interviews via email and setting up a schedule to Skype w/some students who are reading some of my stories in the fall. VERY COOL THINGS. Nats won 1–0, making their magic number seven which is a p magical number to begin with.

(Pic from The Score Twitter. And I love it bc JDonaldson looks like a futuristic superhero baseball player coming back to save us all.)

-I was knitting, watching this but forgot to write abt it so wrote abt it the next day but couldn’t remember anything abt it besides the fact that the Cubs didn’t clinch their division w/a win and had to wait for a Cardinals loss instead, which did happen later. Brewers won 5–4.

-Cubbies clinched their division last night w/a Cardinals loss but got to truly celebrate today w/a walk-off win, bottom of the 10th. Cubs played some beautiful baseball today. I listened to some of this on my phone, watched some of it on TV. Was knitting (a sweater) and watching baseball which is kinda one of my things, two of my things. Cubs won 5–4.

(I knit a lot. This is a sweater for my daughter. The FLAX pattern from Tin Can Knits.)

-Scherzer was pitching and I love it when Scherzer pitches. I was still knitting when this game was on and I was doing other stuff too. Half-paying attention and only having to half-pay attention bc Nats were winning and I wasn’t worried. Some v. Nats thing happened like Murph hitting and Bryce getting walked and Scherzer stalking the mound. Nats won 7–2.

(Photo via Official Nats Instagram.)

-Was knitting (again) during this game and Gio was in trouble and then I had to do other stuff and turned it off and then I turned it back on. Rainy Saturday afternoon baseball and Scherzer was adorbs during a game interview and someone poured sunflower seeds on his head. And all of that was v. cute but cute doesn’t win baseball games. Not for the Nats today. Braves won 7–3.


-Derek Jeter, back to Kazoo
-Baseball is a white man’s game by design @ ESPN 
-Look @ this baby and dog enjoying a game together @ Cut4
-Kevin Kiermaier doing KK things
-Trouty + puppy

It’s a long season. Praise!