4 reasons you haven’t written a will yet

Most of you won’t have done one. You will have thought about it, you might feel bad about it, but you still won’t have done it. Why is that?

There are some tasks in life that are just plain hard. Getting your will written is one of those tasks. It’s at the bottom of the to-do list. I’ve spent a while talking to lots of people about why this is. Here’s what I found out.

  1. It’s grim.

Yes, an obvious one. For some, facing up to mortality in this way is hard, but in my experience its just one reason. It’s actually more complicated than that.

2. I don’t know what a ‘good’ will is — there are too many options!

My own experience fits in this category. Sometimes choice is a bad thing. You can write your own will or you can spend well over £500 on solicitors to draft one for you. Most people feel that the DIY option is not the ‘proper way’, yet feel spending lots of money is not right either. Procrastination sets in.

3. I’ve started it but there are tough decisions to make.

For some reason writing a will feels FINAL. Its the archaic process of it being signed and stored away, and how it is difficult to update it when your life changes. A will isn’t final, and shouldn’t be hard to update, however the feeling that it is makes the difficult questions it asks you feel even harder. You will need to consider difficult areas such as who would look after the kids if you go, what happens to your organs, do you want to be cremated or buried….not just who gets what.

4. I don’t need one — all my stuff will go to my other half, right?

Not right. Dying without a will, or ‘intestate’, does not mean your assets will naturally pass to your spouse or partner. There are a bunch of laws that govern this and can affect your tax position as well as who gets what.

What to do

Getting a will is going to be easier to write and update with professional support for your needs. Prepare your estate and get peace of mind too. Join Legacy Guardian at www.legacy-guardian.co.uk to find out more.

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