Buying a house? Get your stuff in order now

It’s all about the detail. Why you need to be sorted.

I am going through the process of moving. Its well documented just how stressful this can be, but having not gone through it for a blissful 11 years, I guess I deleted it from my brain!

What struck me was the need for supplying lots of information to a number of people. The same information sometimes to more than one person. This might be documents that confirm your identity such as utility bills or bank statements. Most of which are now online, and the ability to download varies between organisations. You need to do this for the estate agent, the mortgage provider, the solicitors. Oh, and whoever else you engage with.

Then there is the information needed for your mortgage. Payslips, P60s, bank statements, utility bills (did i mention those already). All a hassle having to either dig out paper or, as most people do, log on to multiple online accounts and download statements, hoping that lender will accept these and not fall foul of a compliance law somewhere.

Then there is the house stuff for the sale. Where is that last boiler maintenance document? Where are the guarantees for that building work we did last year. All items, if you are like me, exist either on paper or hidden somewhere in an email or an online account.

Also, when something like a house move forces you to review your stuff, you always get that sinking feeling that there is not only things missing, but stuff that hasn’t been sorted such as the will, the life insurance, or in my case updating all utilities to show my wife’s name and not just mine. That won’t be the best situation should I not be around for some reason.

Its time like this I wish I have stored stuff securely all in one place to save time and ensure stuff is not lost.

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