Why you owe it to your children to write your will and wishes

I’m 41 years old and still struggling to write my will, but I must. If you have young children you really should, for your own peace of mind.

I have spoken to hundreds of people while researching my idea about their final preparations and most have not written a will. Well over 50%. There are lots of reasons for that which are entirely understandable. See previous stories for more on that.

However, in the process of finishing mine (yes I will finish it, soon) one overiding reason struck me. The decision of who will take care of your children should all parents die before they are over 18. You must do this to ensure what you want to happen in this awful scenario does happen. Yes it involves difficut discussions but better to have those now than too late.

Yes, there are lots of other reasons which are more practical. Ensuring your digital legacy is left the way you want it, that your assets go to who you want, and that your family don’t have to spend time wrappping up your estate when you go. These will all be taken care of by Legacy Guardian. You will get a free legal will by signing up which will take care of all decisions regarding guardianship should that arise.

Take a look at Legacy Guardian at www.legacy-guardian.co.uk and sign up for more information about how to ensure you and your family are well protected.

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