Over 60 ETH in Two Weeks, The Sweepers Club Adds More NFTs for the Collective Community!

In just two short weeks, the Sweepers Club has collected and spent over 60 ETH on high-profile NFT projects for the collective community.

You all voted, “Proposal 4” is executed, and all items are now in the Sweepers Club Vault! Let the $DUST bidding war begin!

As always, the LEGACYLab team is here to provide transparency for all transactions involving Sweepers Club Treasury funds.

Here is a link to the Etherscan of the most recent transaction involving 25.5 ETH used for the “sweeping.”


NFTs Over 1 ETH (18 ETH Total)

  • 1x Cool Cats NFT (3.25 ETH)
  • 1x Invisible Friends (3 ETH)
  • 1x Pudgy Penguins (2.87 ETH)
  • 1x World of Women (2.65 ETH)
  • 1x RENGA (2.3 ETH)
  • 1x Otherdeed for Otherside (1.8 ETH)
  • 1x Moonbirds Oddities (1.27 ETH)
  • 1x goblinmtown.wtf (1.09 ETH)

NFTs Under 1 ETH (7.5 ETH Total)

  • 1x Quirkies Originals (0.94 ETH)
  • 2x BEANZ Official (0.9 ETH)
  • 1x Sappy Seals (0.67 ETH)
  • 1x God Hates NFTees (0.49 ETH)
  • 2x Lazy Lions (0.46 ETH)
  • 1x Rare Apepe YC (0.43 ETH)
  • 2x alien frens (0.4 ETH)
  • 1x rektguy (0.35 ETH)
  • 1x Genesis Box (0.295 ETH)
  • 1x Kitaro World Official (0.137 ETH)
  • 1x Coolman’s Universe (0.109 ETH)
  • 2x Isekai Meta (0.094 ETH)
  • 2x LAYZ (0.088 ETH)
  • 1x posersnft (0.078 ETH)

Please visit our website to view all the new Sweepers Vault items for auction!



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