Game of Thrones — The Beginning of the End

This evening millions of Game of Thrones fans will gather for the beginning of the end. The first episode of the eighth and final season premieres. If you are not a fan, I urge you to take time to binge watch. In no time, you’ll be seduced by gorgeous earthly landscapes, decadent architectural and interior sets, rustic backdrops, barbaric cultures, fantastical creatures, rich storylines, intelligent dialogue, and a plethora of characters of depth, evil, shallowness, loyalty, manipulation, deception, goodness, righteousness, and nobility. 34 significant characters to be exact. For those of you, who are among the millions eagerly awaiting, I wish you a pleasant viewing-hopefully you are attending or hosting one of many #GoT viewing parties-as the day we all have been waiting for has arrived.

Why has this series become a global phenomenon? Very simply, it catapults audiences into a journey of the best and worst of human nature. Episodes depict quintessential, deranged, disgusting, hedonistic, unfathomable and even unadulterated indulgences in which we do or do not engage. Fans watch with disbelief, enthusiasm, disdain, love, empathy, and admiration. Inside each of us, we align ourselves psychologically and emotionally with a particular character. Whether or not they invoke self-love or hate, deep inside all of us have identified with a personality that reminds us of who we are at our core. In the Game of Thrones, families live and die by aristocracy and maliciousness. Parents die to preserve the presumed inheritances and rites. Children are forced to flee innocence only to grow into graciousness, intelligence, and fierce power. Both noble and peasant men and women create unlikely alliances, all to survive and some to seek the throne. A true feast for those who long for the world as it were centuries ago.

It is not a wonder that the Game of Thrones has been ranked #3 in the top 75 HBO series. As we begin the end of an era of the fantastical world which George R.R. Martin made for you and me, let us hope that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss leave us satisfied as we bid farewell to one of the greatest TV series ever produced.