Launching Our Curated Repository of Playbooks, Checklists, and Legal Templates

We are excited to announce the launch of our free repository of legal playbooks, checklists, documents and templates.

For the past 2 months we have been working in collaboration with General Counsel of Fortune 500 companies and Big Law to ensure that every attorney has a variety of legal documents at their fingertips.

While there are many online legal document repositories online, we found that very few of them had trusted documents that any business and corporate attorney would need to do their job. And while it is easy to find a standard non-disclosure agreement online, it is much harder to locate a playbook on how General Counsel world-wide go about empowering company VPs to sign certain contracts or a due diligence checklist. This information is often siloed within law firms or scattered throughout list-servs.

In our quest to make a platform that democratizes access to the law, we believe a great place to start is by providing more resources directly to attorneys.

Sample documents include:

  • Naming Products FAQ
  • Contract Review Guidelines
  • Delegation of Authority Policy
  • Email Management and Retention Policy
  • Playbook for SaaS and Open Source Compliance

We hope this empowers more junior, solo, small, and mid-size firm attorneys to not only grow their practice, but streamline their practice of law.

We’re launching with 50+ documents, and in the next year we’ll be growing this repository via submissions from trusted advisors.

Accessing the repository is free! Join at