The Florida Bar and enter into agreement to modernize marketplace infrastructure for LRS program
Dec 21, 2017 · 3 min read
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Image for post, the leading provider of marketplace technology for the legal industry, and The Florida Bar have entered into an agreement to enhance the online offerings of the The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service. In addition to its dedication to providing robust support for their over 100,000 attorney members, this year The Florida Bar became one of a growing number of state bar associations in the country to embrace modern legal service delivery.

“The entire team is excited to see The Florida Bar join a growing number of Bar Associations redefining their role in providing consumers with trusted legal referrals. We believe there is a bright future for innovative Bar Associations to become a modern, technology driven access point for consumers,” said Pieter Gunst, Co-Founder and President of “Not only can this improve legal service delivery, but it preserves the strong ethical foundation that our profession is based on.”

A stronger reliance on technology and process innovation sets the stage for lower costs and increased accessibility. The unique combination of technology and the consumer protection mandate and standard setting of The Florida Bar has potential for a positive disruption of legal service delivery for the benefit of both the public and the profession.

“I think it will be a fantastic benefit for our members,” said Technology Committee Chair John Stewart. “We think it will lead to more referrals being made to lawyers and, therefore, we think more lawyers will want to participate in the service.”

These improvements will benefit the 100,000+ individuals that contact the service every year, and provide a more robust and seamless process for the 70,000+ referrals that are ultimately made. The November 1st issue of The Florida Bar News reported that the upgrade will allow the LRS to “be more competitive with online rating or legal form companies that are also getting into the business of linking lawyers with potential clients.”

The technology engine is built on machine learning algorithms trained on millions of data points from existing legal inquiries, and incorporates complex supply-demand matching, intake and triage, and user-experience best practices. The new platform for The Florida Bar will build upon this existing infrastructure.

Fundamentally, this project is a microcosm of the nationwide conversation on how technology is being used by legal, civic, and governmental organizations to empower citizens. Whether a consumer is seeking a trusted, local attorney with experience in family law or business attorneys capable of advising a startup or small business on commercial and intellectual property matters, the Bar’s new technology platform is a foundation for future collaboration between governmental, legal, and civic organizations seeking to provide access to trusted, affordable legal services.

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About builds award-winning referral management and marketplace technology for the legal services industry, developed from research into legal service innovation at CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics. technology is used by leaders across the legal industry seeking to coordinate content, community, and commerce through their own branded online platforms. With built-in machine-learning and workflow automation, platforms optimize the discovery and delivery of legal resources and expertise within and across trusted networks, enabling better client experiences from intake to outcome. has active implementations with The New York State Bar Association, the LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York, The Iowa State Bar Association, and The Nebraska State Bar Association, and more recently has begun providing technology services for innovative collaborations between California Lawyers for the Arts and a variety of Fortune 500 companies.

About The Florida Bar

The Florida Bar is a progressive organization dedicated to serving more than 100,000 attorney members, and the 20 million residents of Florida.

The Florida Bar is the organization of all lawyers licensed by the Supreme Court of Florida to practice law in the state. The Florida Bar’s core functions are to: Regulate the practice of law in Florida; ensure the highest standards of legal professionalism in Florida; and protect the public by prosecuting unethical attorneys and preventing the unlicensed practice of law.

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