Making an existing company a shareholder in another company

As many of you know, individuals can be shareholders in a company. Companies can also be shareholders in a company, almost as if the company was a person.

In this article, you’ll find out how to go about making an existing company a shareholder in another company.

It’s not a very difficult process. In fact it’s a very similar process to making an individual a shareholder, with a couple of extra steps.

Existing company as a shareholder in another company: Procedure

The following documents must be provided to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

  1. Fill out the Statement of Share Capital Questionnaire using the existing company as a shareholder.
  2. Fill out the Particulars of Directors Questionnaire. Decide which representatives from the existing company will serve on the board of the new company.
  3. Board Resolution indicating the board’s approval of the subscription of shares in the new company
  4. An eCopy of the Certificate of Incorporation


  1. Fill out all other company registration documents.

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