Nigerian NGO Registration

In Nigeria, NGOs must register as Incorporated Trustees. Nigerian NGO Registration is more complex than company registration.

Step 1: Name Availability Search

The first step is to do a name availability search with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Acceptable names for an NGO often end with:

  • Foundation
  • Trust
  • Organisation
  • Association
  • Network
  • Initiative

Step 2: Publication in National Dailies

The second step is to publish your approved name in 2 national newspapers and one local paper.

Step 3: Submit IT Form 1

Finally, submit your complete form to the CAC with 3 copies of:

  1. Application letter.
  2. CAC Application “IT Form 1”. Signed by chairman and secretary.
  3. Constitution of your company.
  4. Minutes of Meeting(MoM) where trustees were appointed. Signed by the chairman and the secretary.
  5. MoM where special rules were adopted. Signed by the chairman and the secretary.
  6. Trustee declaration forms. The forms must be declared by each trustee before a High Court. You may choose a Federal High Court or a State High Court.
  7. Pay 20,000 Naira fee to the CAC. The fee is payable at a bank, or online.
  8. At least 3 original newspapers.

Is an Incorporated Trustee right for me?

Incorporated Trustees is used for: charities, trade unions, community based organisations, social clubs, religious groups, women’s groups, youth clubs, professional groups and political parties.

What is a trustee?

A trustee is just like a director. But, a trustee is not concerned with profit. A trustee’s job is to make sure that the NGO maintains its aims and achieves its goals.

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