Register a holding company in Nigeria

So, you want register a holding company in Nigeria? Great! You’re on your way to becoming a true Nigerian mogul.

What to Know When You Register a holding company in Nigeria

Registering a holding company does not differ greatly than LTD registration.

Key Similarity:

  • LTD registration and Holding Company Registration have nearly identical processes.

Key Differences:

  • A holding company has at least 3 subsidiaries.
  • Private Limited Companies (LTD) are the only acceptable subsidiaries.
  • Business Names are not an acceptable subsidiary.
  • The holding company utilises group, conglomerate, or holdings in its name.
  • A holding company requires consent to use the word “group” in its name.

Are you ready to register your holding company? Get started with Step 1: the Name Availability Search. Step 1 is mandatory. It only takes 2–3 minutes to complete and costs just ₦1,000.

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Originally published at on June 23, 2016.