Reviews on LegalMatch from Consumers and Attorneys

In 1999, LegalMatch began offering its online legal matching service to help clients in need find a qualified lawyer in their area. Since then, we have helped thousands of consumers find the legal help they need, no matter what type of issue! 
As an attorney/client matching service, and not a legal referral service, we give clients the freedom to select the lawyer that they feel is right for them. We also give attorneys the chance to reach out and choose the cases that they want to select. At LegalMatch, we want consumers and attorneys to be in control of the case — not us. While we may narrow down matches, like making sure the type of case matches the area of law the attorney practices, we know that we can’t decide what is right for you. 
Since we’ve opened, we have thousands of satisfied consumers and attorneys. But don’t just take our word for it, instead read what they have to say!
Like Sarah, who liked that attorneys on LegalMatch offer competitive pricing: 
The service was easy to use and I received several interested lawyers to review my case. Because of the outlet in which I found the [attorneys,] they were willing to provide the most competitive pricing. I would say I’d use it again but I’m so pleased with th the lawyer I found using the site I won’t have a need to. — Sarah
Or from Jim, who needed immediate responses and felt reassured with the background information provided through our service: 
I had 3 immediate responses and an additional response the next day. After reading the background, fee schedule and additional information provided I contacted an attorney for a consultation. I was extremely satisfied and entered into an agreement and can’t wait to see the final results! — Jim 
At LegalMatch, we hope to help our consumers and our attorneys get to where they want to be. Whether it’s a serious legal issue or trying to get your solo practice off the ground, we’re here to help! We know that past and current users can agree that since we were founded in 1999, LegalMatch continues to stand out from our competitors.

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