I am a product of the British-European dream & my whole life has been spent making the ‘wrong’ choices.

After the events of Thursday it’s become clear to me that I live in a world where every single vote I’ve ever made since I was eighteen years old has been contrary to public opinion.




I live in a world where during my divorce, my moral views - the very foundations of my being - forced me to make choices that were for the benefit of my family as a whole, and not those of the selfish, self-centred individual that the law expected me to be.

I took the 'moral high ground' and did what I fundamentally believed to be correct and 'right’ for all parties concerned. The outcome of those decisions left me without my children, without my health and without my solvency.

Every single decision I made resulted in myself, personally, being worse off, but I did so believing that it was for 'the greater good' of those important to me. Because others didn’t have the same views and the law didn’t care about my moral views - even if those administering it expressed agreement - I lost everything.

Every single, important choice and conscious decision that I have made as an adult has, it would seem, been futile. They have literally been for nothing.

Whilst I'm aware that (despite expert opinion) the popular view is that now we have voted to leave the EU the economy may improve and that the financial future of our children will be greater, I don't feel comfortable knowing that this decision made by the majority of the UK public was done so in companion with those that hold moral and social views completely and utterly, diametrically opposite to my own.

I know that I have close friends who voted to leave the EU for what they believe to be solid personal, business and financial reasons but the fact remains that these people have had their position supported and elevated by others who also hold racist, xenophobic and homophobic views based on nothing more substantial than suspicion, fear and hate.

I cannot, with sound conscience condone or support any one individual that aligns themselves with people that hold these misaligned ideals.

I cannot, with sound conscience condone or support a nation that aligns itself with these misaligned ideals that differ so fundamentally to my own.

Everybody on the 'losing side' in the news this morning has said that whilst they disagree with the decision made by the referendum electorate yesterday they intend to 'abide with the decision of the people'.

Well, I cannot do that. 
I will not do that.

I do not support the decision of this majority. I will never support the decision of this majority.

If this is truly an indicator of the 'mood of the nation', then it's clear that I no longer belong here.

This Kingdom into which I was born and have grown up within is no longer United.

On Thursday I was IN.

I’m OUT.