Wir sind die Gewinner des Swiss FinTech Awards 2020!

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Wir haben die Swiss FinTech Awards 2020 gewonnen! Für uns ist dies Zeugnis der guten Zusammenarbeit des Teams mit unseren grossartigen Kunden wie beispielsweise Rehau, Die Mobiliar, Daimler und SAP. Ohne das Vertrauen und die Unterstützung unserer Investoren und unserer Partner wie Kellerhals Carrard, CMS und der ZHAW wäre dies nicht machbar.

Wir sind stolz, uns gegen 70 Start-ups in der Kategorie «Early Stage Start-up of the Year» durchgesetzt zu haben.

Patrick Hunger, CPO at Legartis

Zurich, 13 February 2020: Patrick Hunger has been appointed as the new CPO at the legal tech start-up Legartis. With a background as both a lawyer and business executive, Patrick joins Legartis from Saxo Bank as CPO. The Zurich-based start-up offers an innovative AI-based solution to automatically analyse legal documents, thus enabling users with complex contract portfolios to identify, classify and understand relevant contracts within seconds.

“We are very pleased to have Patrick Hunger on board, a proven transformation expert,” says David Alain Bloch, Co-founder and CEO at Legartis. “Patrick is an experienced leader. He also has outstanding expertise and…

Legartis has been selected as one of the top 10 startups in the SwissFinTechAwards 2020!

Speed up your legal decision making with the power of AI.

We are very thrilled to receive this nomination, as we advance on our journey to help companies to identify, classify and understand contracts within seconds. The winner of the Swiss Fintech Awards 2020 will be announced at the grand finale in March 12.

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Request free access to the Legartis NDA Checker.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) are essential documents that protect all parties involved but are especially important for professionals working in the legal field. After all, the threat of an ex-employee, contractor, or supplier stealing clients or intellectual property has the potential to cause monumental damage for the organisation — and, therefore, you too.

Businesses spend close to $125bn per year on security (1), herein the majority is focused on securing against external threats. In truth, the internal dangers posed by ex-employees (2) are far greater.

NDA’s serve a huge purpose, but only if…

After getting nominated the 20th most promising startup in the DACH-region by Forbes, we did not think there would be a lot more to strive for in 2019. But we were wrong.

In the second quarter of 2019, Legartis got voted Switzerland’s top AI startup by KPMG and the European Super Angels Club and made it into the European finals in Vienna.

To top that off, we also won 1st place in the software&services vertical at the renowned >>venture>> competition by ETH Zurich, the leading competition for up-and-coming entrepreneurs in Switzerland!

The team has grown to over 30 people by…

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In regards to legal work, 68% of companies say that human error affects their contract processes very often[1]. In fact, poor contract management costs companies up to 9% of their bottom line[2]! Read on if you are keen to know how you could turn your contracts into your competitive advantage.

Contracts are often directly connected to either a financial gain or loss for a company, but in many cases, contracts are actually not used for the purposes that they should be used for; the problem being that most businesses tend to perceive the contract as primarily a legal document, rather than an economic vehicle. Time to change the thinking!

Just imagine the size of the missed opportunity, as up to 80% of all business transactions are actually governed by contracts in one form or another, highlighting the importance of being able to determine the value…

Legartis had a very successful take off into 2019.The biggest surprise for us so far was that we got featured in the famous Forbes magazine as one of the most promising AI startups in the DACH region! Now let us dive into more details of the Legartis adventures.

We started into the new year with great visions and a couple of new additions to the Legartis family. We have grown to a team of 27 people now, ranging from legal tech research and development to marketing and sales experts.

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Save up to 85% of your time when checking contracts, whilst avoiding reading lengthy documents and repetitive terms. Sounds appealing? Read on!

The revision of contracts before closing a deal costs legal teams a lot of time, nerves and money. The conventional way to go about it is to read through every single text line to find and understand the key clauses a contract contains. Now imagine doing that for a wave of 50 incoming contracts that all need to be reviewed within a very short timeframe, how would you handle that?

Each contract needs to be checked for compliance and additionally scanned for possible risk clauses. That might sound like an interesting treasure hunt, but when…

Thanks to digitalization, a lot of everyday tasks have become easier, faster and more efficient. Just think of Google, could you still imagine a time when finding and sharing knowledge was limited to teaching in school, reading science books, visiting museums or interacting with friends? Or would you still find your destination even without the help of Google maps?

Much has changed since the start of the digital age. Only 29 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee introduced the internet to the world. Since then, storing and retrieving information has become easier and mobile devices allow us to access data anywhere, anytime…

What do “The Jetsons”, “Back to the Future” and “Flubber” have in common? All the films/cartoons show some automated solution to solve some of the chores most people hate in real life: cooking and cleaning. “The Jetsons” still stands out with Rosie the Robot, the wonderful robotic Nanny/Cleaning Lady/Cook — a perfect example of a practical Artificial Intelligence application that we hope comes soon to stores.

I’m bringing this out because I believe most of us not only wish they had their own Rosie, but mostly that we had a Rosie at work that would deal with all those time…


We're a SaaS solution which allows companies to identify, classify and understand contracts in seconds using NLP and AI. We automate the analysis of contracts.

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