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Building a well-governed community is a crucial development goal in the Legend of Arcadia roadmap. In May, LOA held a Guild Carnival, where over 1,400 community members used 4,388 LOA Vote Pass NFTs to vote for their favorite gaming guild. By exercising the voting rights, 20 guilds were selected by the community to participate in the subsequent LOA Guild Tournament. In the following Guild Tournament Prediction Event, over 6,000 community builders spontaneously formed groups, actively researched guild members’ strengths, explored game strategies, and voted for the most trusted guild team with over 26,000 LOA Chip NFTs, achieving the first deep integration of a gaming community and game guilds on Sui.

Legend of Arcadia will adopt a two-stage community governance strategy. In the current stage, Legend of Arcadia will launch the LOA Witness Pass NFT Collection and roll out a series of community voting activities from June to July. Community members will have the opportunity to directly participate in community governance with LOA Witness Pass. Members who participate in community governance will also receive a series of rewards, including $ARCA, IDO Whitelist, Beta Test Whitelist, and more.

After the public release of the game and the official launch of Arcadia DAO, we will invite community members to directly participate in a variety of in-game governance activities, including new chapter narrative design, character faction and profession design, and Synthetoy technology upgrades.

Let’s explore the details.

🎫 What is LOA Witness Pass, and how will it benefit the community?

Basic Info

Built on Sui, LOA Witness Pass is an essential credential for Legend of Arcadia’s community governance. Holding LOA Witness Pass will provide an opportunity to participate in various community governance activities in the future. Pass holders who do not join any governance proposals nor complete voting will receive 1X $ARCA, while those who complete voting will receive 33X $ARCA and more utilities!

How to get a LOA Witness Pass?

Collection Info

  • Drop Mechanism: Both Whitelist Mint and Public Mint
  • Mint Time: Starting on June 5, 11:00 UTC (applicable for both Whitelist Mint and Public Mint)
  • Mint Price: Free Mint for Whitelist Mint, 3 $Sui Each NFT for Public Mint
  • Check Whitelisted Addresses: click here
  • Mint Site: click here

Please note

  • All addresses can participate in Public Mint, and there is no mint limit.
  • The whitelist quantity of a single address can be accumulated, i.e., the whitelist mint quantity of a single address will be the sum of all whitelists obtained from all channels.

How to get whitelisted for LOA Witness Pass

✅ Cubic platform users

✅ People who have minted Cubi

✅ Cubic Mystery Box holders

✅ Cubic OGs

✅ Users who have a Cubic account associated with them on Steam

✅ LOA Sui Genesis NFT holders

✅ All participating addresses from LOA Guild Tournament Prediction Event

✅ Joining live giveaway raffles on LOA Twitter Account

📃 What are the upcoming governance proposals, and how to participate?

There are currently 3 governance proposals in planning, including LOA NFT Carnival, LOA Golden Arcadians Fight, and LOA FAN Squad Tournament. These 3 governance proposals will be launched from June to July.

🎨 LOA NFT Carnival (coming in June)

Legend of Arcadia will collaborate with multiple mainstream NFT projects, where community members can use LOA Witness Pass to vote for their favorite NFT project. Legend of Arcadia will jointly design and launch the next LOA Hero NFT Collection with the NFT project of the highest votes.

⚜️ The Knights’ Creed (coming in mid-June)

Legend of Arcadia plans to launch the first Alpha Test on Sui in June. 20 top players will be invited to form the Knights’ Creed, and community members can use LOA Witness Pass to vote for their most promising knight.

⚔️ LOA FAN Squad Tournament (coming in July)

LOA will invite community members to form multiple LOA Fan squads to participate in the subsequent Alpha Test. Community members can use LOA Witness Pass to vote for the squad they’re part of.

About Legend of Arcadia

Legend of Arcadia (LOA) is a multi-chain, free and Play2Earn card game, combining a sleek gaming experience with GameFi 2.0 concept. Packed with strategy and action, LOA is built for and driven by the community. It has support from over 40 gaming guilds and has its own community guild and squads.

6 playstyles come with the game including 3 PvP and 3 PvE. We believe that players will enjoy an immersive experience through the amazing story, rewarding in-game economy, and a sophisticated system for Hero NFT upgrades.

LOA has been building on Sui. It has issued hero NFT mystery boxes on Sui, as well as initiated 1st GameFi prediction protocol on Sui with over 20k on-chain users. LOA will soon begin its alpha test on Sui in June.

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