Toughest Girls in the Galaxy 2 — First Shipment Unboxed

Today I took delivery of the first shipment I ordered from the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy: Darkness and Light Kickstarter run by Raging Heroes, out of France.

With a goal of using the Slaaneshi-inspired Lust Elves to build a Night Stalkers army for Kings of War, it was with some excitement that I started to unwrap them all, starting with the so-called “Freebies” — a set of named hero / character models from all three of the factions presented in this Kickstarter.

Then we move onto the first batch of Troops — the only Troop models completed and ready for shipment so far.

Currently they’re all laid out flat to get some air — as per the recommendations from Raging Heroes. I’ll come back to them in a few days, after my current Infinity project is done.

This is about the first ⅓ of what I ordered…. which, lets be honest, is a slightly scary thought.