Digitally Literate Courses: Identifying critical friends, a mastermind group, and a name
W. Ian O'Byrne

I think this is a great project and one that we seriously need to get addressed. I don’t know how critical I am going to be in this response. Mostly I’m just reacting to your ideas as I just looked over the series of stories you had posted. We definitely need to rethink what it means to educate teachers in the 21st century, and we definitely need a greater focus on digital literacies. I noticed in one of your posts that you referenced Teachable. Is that one of the platforms you are considering using? My concern with those platforms is that although they make a great vehicle for getting content out they are very passive.

I emailed someone at Teachable once with some questions about what the platform could or could not do and was told they are all about “passive learning.” I think that’s a drawback because how will students who take your course interact with each other?

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