Developing a domain of one’s own for pre-service educators
W. Ian O'Byrne

I’ve been thinking about digital identity a lot lately particularly as it relates to doctoral students. I found this post very helpful. I think your overall suggestion for a framework in wordpress — which can easily be modified for context — is a good base in which to build from. From there, I think doctoral students could consider adding in other platforms if they wish (twitter presence, instagram — whatever) that they could then use this base to link off of.

My struggle is I work in a place where I am likely the only faculty member (in my building, not the entire university) who has a well crafted digital identity. I think your point is important at the pre and in-service level. But where I am now this likely won’t happen. And this is my struggle and disappointment. I could do this work with doctoral students I advise. But putting it into a teacher ed program — and then having it sustained across the program — likely won’t happen. Faculty have to understand these processes in order to engage teachers with them and support them. And I don’t think the majority of the faculty in TE where I am know how to do that, and I am pretty sure most are not interested or do not see the relevance. It’s very frustrating.