Being Content with Discontent

I sometimes feel frustrated, angry, anxious, depressed, worried and even feel a level of discontent with everything, with my life. Silly me.

Wasteful and unnecessary are these emotions that in the past have had me so tied up and twisted in knots in which makes the future look so bleak and the now becomes somewhat irrelevant.

I realise that we all have moments where shit just is not going as planned. We have days that sometimes drag on into more days where we become so wound up in our self-pity that our motivation plummets, our happiness struggles to exist and we become discontent with life.?

Discontent: dissatisfaction with one’s circumstances.

The definition of discontent illustrates that we are dissatisfied with ‘one’s’ circumstances not anyone’s but our very own. This means that it is only ourselves that can turn our discontent into content as it has nothing to do with anyone else’s circumstances but our own.

I am not perfect but certainly am not as discontent as I have been in the past. And even now when I start feeling slightly discontent I can rid myself of these emotions usually with some ease and speed. I have focused on continually improving my mindset and level of awareness that has helped me overcome feelings of discontent.

These are my thoughts and what I have come to learn to assist me in living a more fulfilled life and being content with the now.

Being grateful for what you have and the now. So often we get frustrated or depressed when we don’t have all the things that we dream of having or when we see what others have and wish we had it too.

I am so impatient and this can be the killer for me. Yet I forget of all the greatness in my life.

Its great to dream and dream BIG but equally important not to get upset or dissatisfied with when you don’t have everything you want right now.

Its so easy to get wound up in future events, experiences or possessions but the truth is that all the worry and frustrations in the world wont help get you closer to that you desire and alctually distract you form the living in peace now.

So live in the present and stay attuned to the now. Rather than get disappointed with what you don’t have try focus on being grateful for what you do have. You will undoubtedly know of people in worse of situations than you. Show compassion to these people and even give whether that’s time, money, things or thoughts, this often helps fulfill a deeper human need that is ‘contribution’.

Be grateful for all that you have and start your day of with a higher sense of happiness in all that you have, all that you are and all that you have achieved. For those dreams and goals for the future don’t get so wound up in there attainment this will only disappoint. Instead focus on what you can do right now towards attaining them. While a plan is important the only thing that really matters is what you do now, and being depressed, angry, upset or frustrated is a sure way in prolonging the attainment of all you desire.

Be content with everything you are and everything you have now.

Surround yourself with positive people not negative people. This is a sure way to increase your level of contentment in life. If you surround yourself with mud you will be sure to get muddy, if you surround yourself with gold you will be sure to get gold. With out sounding greedy or even condescending I truly believe we become that of what we surround ourselves with.

If you wake up ever day to constant negativity, doomsayers and people that put you down and give you no hope you will probably live you day this way. Days can turn into a lifetime.

If you fill you body with negativity everyday much the same if you fuel your body with rubbish food you will notice the effects this has on your health and standard of living.

If you start your days with positive input, surround yourself with motivated positive people I can assure you your day will end positively. If you supply the right nourishing food to your body you will notice how much better you function. So turn of the news, this is mostly negative. Discard those people in your life that don’t share the same positive outlook you desire. This may be hard but necessary and if it is family just reduce the time you spend in their company.

And lastly believe in yourself and your ability. There is absolutely nothing you cannot achieve. The power of the mind has the ability to allow us to be anyone we want to be and do anything we want to do.

Material possession and money will come. I have spent majority of my life in chase of money and material possessions. Yes I would like to have some cool toys. However as I have moved along and come to terms with my impatience I have learnt that it is not so much a chase I should be on but rather creating an attraction.

So what do I mean by this and how can that happen?

Firstly I still dream. I dream of the house on the water, I dream of a nice car (I am certainly not a car man), I dream of being able to travel everywhere in the world and going on epic adventures and having awesome experiences. I dream of living with freedom! But to continually chase it can be exhausting and when you don’t get there you can become frustrated and disappointed with yourself. You will find this is why most of us also quit of give up. We don’t see the quick results or the attainment of what we set out for so we stop.

Its sometimes easier that way or sometimes its just because we have burnt out or become exhausted.

I believe it’s much easier to be a visionary everyday and hold with absolute conviction what it is you desire. Study your desires and dreams daily and picture yourself there.

However don’t go out and expect immediate results. Don’t think successful people got there over night. Focus on what you can to right now that will help move you towards there attainment. It is what you do right now that is all that matters.

By setting out daily with actions that move you towards you goals you will become more content with you life daily. Just by knowing that the 1% you do each day will get you that much closer to your dreams. Rome was not built in a day.

For me this has been a significant shift in my life. I now focus daily on key themes that will move me towards my dreams. And as long as I do something I know that everyday I am just a step closer.

I have also found I am more positive due to this and that has a lot to do with being content with the present. With this I find I attract more into my life and I am more aware of the moment and the opportunities that present themselves. I am not in a sweaty chase missing and overlooking opportunities.

Cultivate optimism and a world of abundance. Being optimistic allows you to view all situations with greater clarity and open your world to more opportunities. Living as a pessimist or with a sceptical outlook will mean you are always living assuming the worst case, which can have a major negative effect on your life.

Seeing only negatives can often mean you avoid taking action, miss opportunities and prefer to complain then trying to solve problems. This is a sure way to miss out on much of what life is actually offering you.

Do not believe that because it is already done there is no room for you or your ideas. There is a never-ending supply of whatever it is you want in this world. You just need to open the doors and let it in.

Practice personal growth and self-improvement. It was not so long ago someone said to me that too often we focus on improving on the externals in our life and even our body. When really we should speed most of our time and money on improving ourselves within.

This resinated with me deeply. This truly has changed my life in the last few years and it will not stop.

I like many focused on improving my surroundings. Looking to enrich my life with stuff expecting that it would some improve my situation and bring more happiness and contentment into my life. Short term it has but we always look for more.

Not like many I have never been so much into improving my physical appearance whether that be the way we dress, the make up we put on or the stuff we do to our body that we feel will bring us to a higher level of satisfaction. Yet all we do this for is to try and appease and appeal to other perceptions of us yet it is our perceptions of ourselves we should really be trying to appease.

Tony Robbins explains that it is our need for constant development emotionally, intellectually and spiritually that impels us to mature and evolve as human beings. If we do not fulfil this need we will be discontent with our life and how we live in the now.

You should spend at least 10% of your income on improving yourself. This can be through books, study, seminars, retreats whatever. But rather than spending it on make-up, parting or a second TV, guilty, all those very essential things do still spend it on improving yourself. Continual growth and ability to learn will have massive impact on the level of contentment in your life.

Take responsibility for where you are and surrender and live with acceptance. It is by no mistake that you are where you are today and only you can take full responsibility for this. If you are at a place where you are not happy or content only you can be responsible for it and only you can accept it.

We have a choice everyday and every moment in everyday. We can choice what we want to do. We have absolute control over this. I understand that some peoples situations are worse than others due to external forces outside of their control however even then you have the ability to accept it as it is and choose how you will respond.

There is no one in my life that will take responsibility for my actions, for my decisions, for where I am today. No one really cares and this might sound harsh but the truth is we all have primary priority and need to be satisfied in our own life. Only when this occurs do we start caring fully for others.

So by being upset about your situation, placing blame on your upbringing or on others for where you are will not change that of what is. You have a choice. You can keep going on doing what you are doing or you can move toward change. Accept you life as it is but make positive change in the direction you wish to go.

Some of the most successful and inspiring people I look up to have been through major life situations I couldn’t even fathom however have pushed through it only to come out the other side as a major success and inspiration for others. Sometimes it is only when we hit rock bottom that we truly learn. Only when we fail hard that a real deeper decision is made to make change.

So whatever happens in your day you must learn to accept is as it is and choose how you wish to respond to it. No matter how big or small it is take full responsibility only then can you move forward in the direction you want to go.

Nurture your relationships and don’t get wound up in others perceptions of yourself. Relationships is what we all live for. At the end of the day nothing else to me really matters more. The need for quality relationships in our everyday lives brings so much fulfilment and happiness that is sometimes overlooked.

Nurture all the relationships you have in your life and never take them for granted. I have often lost my patience with people and in doing so treated them with lesser respect yet in doing so have placed more unhappiness and stress in my own life. I have grown to understand that what others do is never a personal attack on me and that again I need to accept them for who they are.

I certainly don’t believe you need to maintain relationships that are toxic to you. This will only impact on your life and the greater relationships you hold. I also believe that trust is paramount. We need to create an ability to go into all relationships with absolute trust. I know what you are saying. Oh I have done that before and been burnt. I certainly feel I have. Yet by letting go of all you inner ambitions and giving forward you full trust you will open yourself up to more positive relationship opportunities.

And finally give up thinking about what perceptions others hold of you. This is absolutely a waste of time and energy. I have learnt this the hard way and again trained myself to not let my sub conscious mind get wound up in these thoughts. It is not their perception of you but rather your perception of what maybe their perception of you.

Most perceptions are based on assumptions and all assumptions are neither true nor false, as they exist without truth. You are who you are and being content, happy and living with acceptance of this is all that should matter. Others will flock to you for who you are and some will avoid you for who you are but at the end of the day who would you prefer to hold near you.

Practice forgiveness, don’t hold grudges and withhold judgements. Grudges are something I have never been good at, as I certainly have been known to hold on to them yet again have never served me positively. Holding on to such emotions due to past pain, injury or insult received will not make you feel better but just leave you holding on to feeling worse. The best thing to do is move on and forget about it or talk about it, get it out and clear the air.

I still find myself carrying resentment from time to time and now force myself to really question why. Stopping and thinking about the benefits of holding onto these feeling allows you to really check yourself and better anayslise the situation.

Even though you may feel anothers action as intentional most often they are not. This would be a more logical way to view the situation and may allow you to better understand any misintiurpretation that has occurred.

Practicing forgiveness goes hand and hand. When someone has done something to hurt you in any way it takes more courage to forgive than to hold onto feelings and emotions of hate, anger and spit. However these feelings take more energy and will intensify if held onto for too long. And as David Wood says ‘holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die’. It does you no good.

Instead try talking about it. Sounds unmanly of me but by just telling the other how you feel about the situation whether right or wrong, may allow both parties to move on. Not always to we have that opportunity to forgive but you can still forgive them in your mind. In this way you will be able to move on more quickly and live with peace in the present.

All limiting beliefs and negative emotions are held due to past or future events and will always take the true beautiy away from living you life to the fullest now.

Being judgmental is another time waster and often brings with it a level of discontent and dissatisfaction. Why is that? We are all judgemental or have been at some stage and some more than others. We tend to judge others in order to make ourselves feel better and more content about our own situation. Great for short term satisfaction but not so good for the longer term.

You see by constantly judging others to help us feel more superior or secure about ourselves often means we will continue to feel like we are never good enough. Those who judge the most will most likely live their life with a higher degree of dissatisfaction about who they are and what they have achieved. This is not a healthy way to live.

I am by no means perfect at all this but believe in constant practice and improvement and certainly fine these all assist me with living a more fufulled life and being content with everything I’ve got.

Discontent is sometimes a necessity of progress but lets be content with our discontent. — See more at:

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