Nothing is Permanent — Do Not Let Your Past Predict Your Future

I have been hurt, anxious, and awake in the middle of the night crying. I have been in trouble, in serious trouble, I have hurt another, I have been in an accident, had accidents, been embarrassed and bullied. I have been an addict, depressed, on the brink of alcoholism, on drugs, hard drugs, obsessed, hooked and out of control.

I have been in a break up, I have burnt down a hill, I have felt guilty, dishonest, and even unfaithful. I have stolen, I have told lies, held secrets, I have told stories to make my own situation better. I have judged, I have yelled, I have screamed, I have shouted hate, abuse, and obscenities. I have hated.

I have been confused, I have been frustrated, I have been angry and held onto past events like they were here to stay. I have stressed, I have worried, I have told myself stories, I have made up others perceptions of who I am, I have created future events in my imagination, I have been wrong.

I have failed, I have broken down, I have been lost, I have avoided situations, I have gone out of my way to ensure I win at another’s peril. I have cheated, been defeated, quit, given up…. until I awoke to who I really am and let go of the chains that held me back.

And now, I have improved, learned, grown, and I have changed!

The greatest thing about life is that nothing is permanent. Too often do we attach ourselves to past of future events and it is in this state our energy, power, thought and action is wasted. The only real control we have is what we do right now.

Today will not be here tomorrow and tomorrow may not ever exist at all, but what I can tell you is that what you do right now will leave you with some kind of feeling and that feeling only you get to choose. These feelings arrive by the thoughts and actions that we take.

All that stuff that has happened to me in the past really doesn’t matter as it is not happening today. It now only exists in my memories. By letting go of it and loosing attachment I am better able to move forward in life.

The past clutters our mind and fogs the path forward. The past restricts us in partaking in personal transformation now. Growth is essential if we wish to truly live a meaningful existence. It is designed to improve us, create more self-awareness, and allow us to exist more authentically in this life.

Our past does not represent who you are today! It will however, if you let it.

Being caught up in all the desires and expectations of the future will also vanish what is happening right now. This will cause greater worry, anxiety and depression and for what? The future is unknown and how can the unknown carry with it any truth? It is merely perception based on our thought and this is in our control, the facts of the future are not.

Be relaxed to know that everything grows and evolves, nothing is permanent. Nothing matters more than what you think, say and do right in this moment. And even if you do indeed think, say or do something that isn’t graceful, then let it to be a learning like all your past experiences. The are all there to shape your unique brilliance and allow you to live a much greater and brighter future.

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