The Thought, The Mind, The Influence, Our Reality

The Thought, The Mind, The Influence, Our Reality

I am my reality. Understanding why we are the reality we live will enable us to summon the power to create the reality we desire. This is not supernatural phenomenon or mind tricks of a Jedi, this is the power our mind and body. The reality we live is an extension of the mind.

We are surrounded everywhere by stimulus in life. Whether that be the signboard we drive pass, the coffee we drink or the advice we receive from a friend. In every moment we are receiving signals from what exists in the external world.

These “things” generate our thoughts that become objects of the mind that form how we perceive our reality.

Where does thought arise from? Who is the thinker of the thought? No one knows the answer to this and I am not sure we need to know. This much we know. Thoughts arise within our brain through neural activity. I believe that this activity is stimulated by circumstance and the stimuli we experience.

If you see a bird fly past it may generate a thought. An argument at breakfast with your spouse will generate thoughts. Thoughts are never ending, always arising and outside our control but not outside our ability to influence.

New thoughts will come with new stimulus and circumstance. They will intertwine with past experience, knowledge and thought.

Thought has power to change our mood and how we feel. How we feel also affects the thoughts we have. Feelings are generated from stimuli and circumstance a cause of our senses and emotions. They raise thought that further influences how we feel. In greater awareness we have an ability to choose whether we react or respond to our thoughts.

If I were to cut myself I will bleed. If I were to be surprised without prior awareness I may jump or flinch in response. There is natural phenomenon that our bodies react to, however I believe that this does not affect our state of being. What affects our state of being is how we react to the thoughts that arise in the mind.

When we cut ourselves we will bleed but how we deal with what proceeds is entirely directed by our thought. The mind may react based on past experience to similar situations but how we respond we can choose. The response will be critical to our future responses becoming a benchmark for our reality.

We may cry in pain from shock or sight of blood. We may be angry, curse or become self-accusing. We may simply breath, remain calm, aware of the pain and blood yet present enough to focus on healing. Aware enough to pause, assess and react most suitable.

Being too reactive to the moment lessens our ability to experience the next moments. Responding appropriately allows us to move on to the next moments.

No matter how we feel in such circumstance the moment will never last, another moment will immediately follow. Time is not permanent. What will last is how we attach ourselves to that moment and carry it into other moments.

I believe that we are the creators of the suffering that exists within our life and therefore in charge of our happiness. We may not be able to control all natural reactions both in physical body and in mind but we can decide on how we want to be. It does not mean we need to manipulate our mind or thought. We just need to become more present and aware.

Pain assists us to focus our attention, our natural defence mechanism so we can protect ourselves for further injury or death. Pleasure we often take for granted. The feel the cool breeze or the sound of rain drops on the roof in a monsoon.

The feelings we once received from being, doing or having certain moments are neglected as such situations are common and familiar. The reason we are always in chase of new things to stimulate pleasurable feelings.

A practice of gratitude grounds us and makes us focus on and appreciate what is already available that makes us feel good. A focus on the pleasures of life can enrich our state of being. We don’t need more of anything to feel satisfied.

If the body senses are working, we can feel good. If the mind is aware we can appreciate these feelings. The reality we live is a matter of how we react or respond to the moments of life.

The pain or unpleasant experiences of life need not be pushed down or bottled but rather accepted, appreciated and understood without attachment. For they too will pass.

And the best way we can influence the thoughts that arise is by being mindful of the stimulus we expose ourselves to.

Negative stimulus will poison the mind creating negative thought. Positive stimulus will infect us with positive thought. Both will influence how we react and/or respond. Both will be either good or bad to the reality we live.

We may not be in control of what we think and when we think but we can influence the source of thought and be mindful of how we relate to and respond to thought.

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