#VettingBernie, aka a Timeline of Sanders Bull@#$%
Malcolm Johnson

Thank you! I actually don’t mind Bernie Sanders in that I would vote for him if he won the nomination but I support Hillary. I find it very frustrating how everyone idealizes him and criticizes her. Anyone with a long political career is gonna have baggage, but unfortunately the Republicans worked too hard and too long on smearing the Clintons that even many liberals take as fact the lies they perpetuated. There are plenty of Clinton critiques to go around, it’s refreshing to see a thorough timeline of Sanders’ career. (I have to say, I liked Sanders a lot more before he decided to turn ugly and didn’t denounce things like Nevada, dragging on the campaign long after it was clear he’d lost. To me that speaks more of ego than true conviction.) Unfortunately, facts don’t seem to matter to a certain subset of Bernie supporters who will vote for absolutely anyone other than Hillary, even people who would be much more harmful to the ideals and progressive values they claim to support. This blind hatred of her is simply astonishing. (I can disagree with Sanders, see his occasional hypocrisy, his near-sightedness, and his aggressive, finger-jabbing rhetoric—often laced with misogyny—and still not hate the man.)

Again, thank you. Facts are so important, and so often missing from political discourse.

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