She is beautiful. But you wouldn’t see it if you looked at her. Beyond the lust and faintly put on make up lies a gem so beautiful not even an oyster could contain it. From pressure comes diamonds. She is quiet yet powerful. Reserved yet vibrant and fiery. Those who tread do so carefully. She is unique. She does not need anyone, especially a man. She is self-aware and self-fulfilling. She is an agent of change. A role model to many, regardless of what they thought they knew of her. She can be something and another thing at the same time. She is enigmatic. There is an aura about her that makes her intentions hard to place. Only adding to her allure. She doesn’t lie but she doesn’t tell the truth, either. She speaks only when spoken to and her best skill is listening. She knows that appearances are deceiving so don’t be surprised when she doesn’t react to spectacle. She knows that what is true comes from essence. In the same breath, she is not concerned about right and wrong. She transcends these meandering dualisms. She is not possessive but her power is arresting. There is no need to be afraid of her, her touch as soft as freshly fallen snow. She mingles and mixes so well, you couldn’t imagine her not being a socialite. She speaks with such lucidity, you hang off her every word. Her charisma unparalleled by her male counterparts, but she isn’t concerned with comparisons. She lives her life unapologetically. What would she have to apologize for anyway? Anyone she comes across loves her like a sister they never had. This is her power. She is kind, patient and humble. There is no need for quarrelling. She takes negative energy and sends back flowers. Her soul a pearl, her beautiful exterior an oyster. She moves like the ocean, never assuming one form. She is calm like water but those who associate with her know that though water appears calm and controlled, it runs deep. She has no desires. She takes what is given to her and gives back when she can. No person is a stranger to her. She can strike up a conversation for hours with anybody. Her smile makes the layman feel welcome. She has no possessions except her pearl. As she carries it out across the world. Her exterior may change due to circumstance, but the pearl remains untouched. But even then she accepts the impermanence of things. She is wise beyond her years. Every day lived out as if to show the world that she has no care for time. She does what is borne to her to do. She has no excuses and always takes responsibility for her actions. She does not judge, categorize or push people away — she is all accepting. She seeks to uncover your pearl and mine. She exists only in my mind. She is illusory, a mere figment of a wondering imagination. She is what I wish to be, but with the care and nourishing nature of a woman.

Who is she? Time will soon tell.

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