“I thought Kurds were from India.”

“You can’t find a nice dress for the ball? Why don’t you just wear a sari?”

“Ha ha, you know what Leila? I’ve always wanted to know the right way to wrap a turban, teach me please!”

“Are you halal?”

*Punjabi MC comes on in the club* “Hey Leila, you can dance all asian to this, can’t you!”

“When I saw that you were wearing a slightly low cut dress I was really surprised cos I thought you were all conservative and that”

“So you’re allowed to shave your legs right, or is that a thing that’s forbidden?”

“I thought you’d prefer brown guys cos your parents will accept a Muslim boyfriend”

“Oh you’re Arab! So you speak Urdu right?”

“Do you listen to punjabi music”

“Why are YOU buying fake tan? You’re already brown”

“Mmmm smells good, is that curry?” “No, it’s just a sweet potato soup” “Oh, smells like curry!”

“Can I try one of your mum’s parathas”

“I thought hummus was Greek”

“What religion is Kurdish?”

“She’s not Arab is she? Her skin is quite pale so that can’t be right”

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