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Adoption of crypto-currency projects needs a lot of researches and a series of things to consider. Crypto-currency Investors had lost a huge amount of money and resources investing in a wrong project with no potential. Half of the newly launched projects were been abandoned. Many crypto-lovers tend to get confused when it comes to decision making on crypto-currency. Some of the things to consider before the adoption of any crypto-currency project include the developer, the team member in charge of the project and the use of the project. After considering all these mentioned above, I discovered that this project worth been reviewed for a community member and crypto lovers globally. Now follow me through the whole write-up and don’t miss a single line.

Cryptocurrency has become exceedingly popular, and this shouldn’t be a surprise. The world is going digital, and it (cryptocurrency) is a fundamental component needed to achieve such a feat in the financial sector. More people should be getting involved in these new financial solutions and trading schemes. But the current state of things in this niche leaves more to be desired. While centralized financial platforms are becoming rampant, they have a catalog of flaws which might be hard to amend.

One of the drawbacks of a centralized outfit is the transparency inhibition. Yes, blockchain technology is renowned for its impressive transparency but many of these platforms have surrendered such on the altar of control. This complicates the problem which they are supposed to solve making them redundant.

In addition to the lack of transparency, not many hands are on deck to take these platforms to the next level. Also, there is only a small amount of creativity as far as financial plans are concerned. This is alarming considering the huge sums accumulated with each transaction. And not many of these platforms have backup funds to offset the consequences of any attack.

With the advent of bitcoins came the creation of several altcoins. Some of these have turned out to be a scam, while others have prices which fluctuate rather too quickly. Those who invested in the vast cryptocurrency business might not possess the wherewithal to do business in its murky waters

The HyperQuant Fix

To tackle all the challenges enumerated earlier, the HyperQuant platform was created to function as an enabling environment where financial services are provided by experts who understand the market and its accompanying complexities. Blockchain powers most of the services rendered on the platform.

One of the positives about the HyperQuant platform is its special attention to trading. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is applied to help users without much trading skill to make a profit while they put in only a small amount of effort.

With the use of the Ethereum smart contract and blockchain technology, users can keep losses at a minimum. You don’t have to invest all your resources in one digital currency – this will only increase the odds of a loss happening. Combining the smart contract, blockchain, and the HyperQuant platform, investing in multiple tokens are handled with ease.

This is a utility token issued to create an internal economy inside the platform. There are fair relationship and transparency between the users of the platform which HYPERQUANT unique among other projects of its kind. There will be a different level of access given to users on the platform based on the quantity of HYPERQUANT hold. Users can use an amount as small as 2400HQT to test the robots after installation of HYPERQUANT application

Token Sale Details
Private sale => May - June 2018

Public pre-sale => July 2018

Ticker => HQT

Token type => ERC20

TGE Token Price => 1 HQT = 0.00028 ETH 1 ETH = 3500 HQT

Fundraising Goal => 20 000 ETH

Total token supply => 200 000 000

Available for token sale => 35%

Country => Estonia

Accepted payment method => ETH











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