Trojan Mascot Controversy Continues

September 5, 2017 2:28pm by Leland Stanford Jr.

Los Angeles, California — The University of Southern California is in hot water again, as controversy surrounding their mascot Traveler continues, in a bizarre twist. More than a week after the suspension of Trojan-horse Traveler, due to similarities between his name and the infamous stallion of uber-racist General Robert E. Lee named Traveller, the second-string mascot has fallen under similar scrutiny after earning the starting position after the suspension of Traveler. Lil Orphan Adolph got the starting nod several days ago, but has drawn criticism for his peculiar name and uncanny resemblance.

Second-string Trojan horse ‘Lil Orphan Adolph’ during fall camp.

Coach Clay Helton addressed the media Monday to clarify the decision to start Lil Orphan Adolph:

“After the decision was made to bench Traveler, we knew after his performance this fall camp that Lil Orphan Adolph was going to play, we believe in whoever earns the palm, gets to bear it and Adolph was the clear starter. We were unaware that his name and horse-face would cause offense, it didn’t even cross our minds… Because he’s a horse.”

According to the coaching staff, the USC administration will reach a decision Thursday morning on the appropriate action to resolve the matter. In the meantime, USC is reverting for the time being, to their original mascot from 1916 — Corky the Fighting Contraceptive.

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