Lemonade is excited to announce the opening of a new whitelist round for the DePo IDO.

IDO details:

  • Total DePo tokens on sale: 49,250,000
  • Public Price: $0.004
  • Max cap: $197,000
  • Max allocation: $500 (ETH) — 125,000 $DePo


  • Whitelist opens: September 22th, 2021 at 2pm UTC (now)
  • Whitelist closed: September 26th, 2021 at 2pm UTC
  • Public sale: September 28th, 2021 at 2pm UTC
  • Claim: September 29th, 2021 at 2pm UTC
  • Uniswap Listing Date/Time: September 29th, 2021 at 2pm UTC

History (1° Whitelist)

Jigstack’s Lemonade launchpad had offered a whitelist opportunity for DePo IDO in June 2021. At that time, DePo and Jigstack shared the results of that whitelist with the community. This initial whitelist contained 241 wallets. The people on this whitelist…

Jigstack is pleased to be able to provide an update on the imminent public raise of DePo, “The DeFi Hotel”, which is being facilitated via the Lemonade IDO launch platform.


  • DePo: ready to launch on Lemonade
  • IDO Timeline
  • Benefits for $STAK stakers
  • An overview of the DePo project
  • What is DePo’s aggregator system?
  • Introducing the team at DePo
  • Why DePo and Lemonade?
  • Details of the public raise
  • Who is eligible for the public raise?
  • Additional whitelist opportunities
  • DePo tokenomics summary
  • DePo Roadmap
  • Safety precautions
  • About DePo & Lemonade

All systems go!

Back in June, DePo selected Lemonade to execute their public raise, but…

We just finished our AMA with DePo’s CEO, TJ, on our Lemonade Discord channel. The AMA was in view of the whitelist that starts on 17/06 to let our users better understand the DePo project. Overall it was a great experience, TJ was very friendly, and his passion for DeFi really shines through in this AMA

Lemonade IDO — DePo

  • 90% DEPO tokens locked for 12 months
  • 1% of DePo IDO tokens allocated to STAK holders-stakers (STAKBANK)
  • 80% Lemonade fees given back to STAK holders-stakers (STAKBANK)
  • 20% Lemonade fees used to buy and then burn STAK, reducing total supply. First STAK burning event!
  • 1st Tier participants get guaranteed allocation of DEPO


  • Tier 1: 2,000,000 STAK (Guaranteed allocation)
  • Tier 2: 500,000 STAK
  • Tier 3: 100,000 STAK

Read more about the DePo IDO sale on Lemonade where we discuss, Timeline, IDO Details, Hybrid Tier System, Commitment List, Public Sale, Blacklisting Schema, Distribution + Burn, and DePo as a whole(What is + Video…

The Lemonade team is excited to announce the IDO of DePo!

DePo, “The DeFi Hotel”, aiming to create a new multi-market aggregator for the DeFi industry and will be utilizing Lemonade as a means to launch their token.

DePo aims to be a great project, starting with one of their first initiatives of locking 90% of their tokens on Unicrypt for 12 months to prove to the public that there will be no chance at rug-pulls, shows they are serious and have longer-term projections. On top of this, 1% of the allocated token for the DEPO sale will be distributed to Stakbank where STAK holders-stakers can claim extra DEPO tokens.

Lemonade, a DeFi token launchpad, integrates new features for token issuers and investors!

The Lemonade platform has been updated! We have been working on integrating the ability for new project owners to make a request to launch an IDO through the Lemonade platform and are excited to say that the time has come for Lemonade V2 to go live!

Lemonade — DeFi Token Launchpad

Lemonade is a DeFi token launchpad governed by the Jigstack DAO. Jigstack is an Ethereum based DAO governing a portfolio of high-quality protocols like Lemonade. STAK is Jigstack’s governance token that will be used to manage Lemonade and other Jigstack products.

STAK token holders will benefit from Lemonade through gaining access to PV/seed token…

A new token listing for the Lemonade platform is finally here!

After our first IDO, with Jigstack’s STAK, we have been hard at work refining, perfecting, and adding new functionalities to our launchpad, including the ANTI-bot. STAK holders can now gain access to unique investment opportunities by purchasing newly issued tokens before their public listings on larger exchanges.

The Lemonade team is excited to announce the Public Sale of DePo! DePo, “The DeFi Hotel”, is looking to create a new multi-market aggregator for the #DeFi industry.


We suggest all users to join our official channel and use it as the…

Next-gen DeFi Token Launchpad

Lemonade is a DeFi token Launchpad. The tool is targeted at token issuers who want to deploy a crowd sale without having to deal with several technicalities. Its hands-free automation and highly customizable sales structure make it irresistible to individuals seeking an affordable solution.

Lemonade packs a plethora of features. Top on the list is its seamless user experience. The Lemonade interface is as easy as it can get. Users can access all the features of the platform in just a few clicks. According to the team, its goal was to lower the barriers to adoption…


Multi-platform decentralized token launchpad governed by Jigstack DAO and the $STAK token.

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