How to track your kids’ browsing history

OfficeBrowsingHistory is a simple browser extension that records the activity of major desktop browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari). It logs every website that’s been visited, even in private/incognito mode, and saves the browsing data on a remote server. This way, the recorded activity can’t be deleted or edited, unlike the browsing history you see when you click “History” in your browser’s menu. You can access the computer’s browsing history from anywhere, by logging in on our website. We charge a small fee to pay for our service, and keep improving it as we go.

Kids learn most of the stuff their parents won’t tell them off the Internet, at an ever younger age. You might be offended by the idea that your little darling watches porn, but it’s the way things go. By way of example, Google returns over three million results to the query “what should I do if my kid is watching porn”.

I don’t believe that “safe surfing” solutions such as Net Nanny solve anything. Censoring the Web to keep your children “safe” is the definition of ignoring the problem. Sheltered kids will learn the dirty stuff on the school playground anyway. Once they discover that there’s something weird on the Internet that their parents prevent them from watching, they’ll just grow even more curious about it, and find a way around any safety mechanism.

Parents’ duty is not to prevent kids from experiencing life and the world around them, but to provide them with the right framework so that they can understand what they see.

For this purpose, parents need to know what their kids are exposed to. Children spend up to nine hours a day watching at screens, between video games, TV, and of course, the Internet. Whether you like it or not, your kids are spending more time on the Web, than with you. Tracking the information they are accessing is a mandatory step in your role as a parent.

If you chose to monitor your kids’ browsing, remember not to act immediately on what you discover. If your kid understands that he’s being tracked, he’ll figure out ways around your surveillance system, and you’ll lose a very precious tool in his/her education.

Be prepared to face some uncomfortable truths yourself. If you discover that your son watches gay porn, it might be tough on you for a while. At least you will be prepared to accept him as he is, and ease him into coming out of the closet, saving him from years of fear and misery, not being able to be who he really is in front of his own parents.

Our monitoring software is a tool, nothing more. The actual job of educating kids will always be the parents’ responsibility. But with our software, you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to do to make things right.

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