In a typical case of overthinking, I wondered how far you can actually see with a torch. In a dungeon. You know, your typical Monday morning. Things you ask yourself while working on your latest RPG project (Dragon Eye, not out yet, but the game world is taking shape here: )

Or with a candle. Or an oil lamp. Did all those RPGs just wing it or did they do the research and get it right. Well, only one way to find out — let’s do the math. Fair warning: This rabbit hole went deeper than I anticipated.


Just read in an article about the terror attack in Paris:

“The problem of radicalization and its discovery in the fight against this diffuse terrorism which we deal with today has no equal in complexity.”

Seriously? Because the signs the murderer showed were overlooked? But in the same article you can read:

“He had contact to salafist circles, frequented a mosque in which a known radical Imam preached…”

That sentence is in almost every article about islamist terrorists. We are trying to discover the personal source in the people’s heads, which of course fails. …

Recently, I got involved in a debate about refugees and immigration in the context of current politics. Fortunately, it was an intelligent discussion, so here is a summary of some of the arguments I made:

Yes, it is luck to be born on Europe. And yes, one argument is basically a metaphorical equivalent between a nation and a house. My house, my rules, where “my” means “the people who live here”, which can change as kids are born or move out or a spouse joins through marriage, but it is a clearly defined, finite number of people. …

Der Wald brennt. Übrigens überwiegend Brandstiftung. Der dumme Regenwald ist nämlich im Weg, da werden Felder gebraucht. Für Palmöl, Rinderzucht und hundert andere Dinge.

Leute, hört mit der wohlfühl-Naivität auf und nennt die Dinge mal beim Namen:

Es gibt zu viele Menschen für diesen Planeten.

Es ist nicht nur der Regenwald, der brennt. Es ist nicht nur das Öl, das uns Probleme bereitet. Uns geht einfach ALLES aus. Sogar der Sand. Das ist kein Witz. Von wegen “wie Sand am Meer”. Googelt das mal.

Fakt ist: Wir verbrauchen ca. 2 Planeten jedes Jahr. Man muss nichtmal die Hauptschule abgeschlossen haben…

Es wird Frühling und unsere Katzen haben einen Auslauf verdient. Zur Übung entstand als erstes ein kleiner Auslauf für den Balkon. Damit habe ich die Konstruktion geprobt und Dinge ausprobiert, um als Nächstes den großen Auslauf im Garten anzugehen.

Da ich selbst viele Fotos weit reingezoomt angeschaut habe, um abzuschauen wie andere Leute überhaupt gebaut haben, habe ich das Projekt dokumentiert mit Fotos, auf denen man klar erkennen kann, wie alles gebaut ist:

Angefangen hat es mit dem Material. Kantholz vom Baumarkt, Hasendraht, Winkel und Schrauben.

Ich baue 1x2m Elemente, weil der Hasendraht eben 1m breit ist. Daher im Baumarkt…

Ich muss mal auf #wirsindmehr antworten. Vielleicht mit #ihrseitdoof. Lasst mich ausreden:

Zwei Artikel standen diese Woche nebeneinander, und doch sind sie verbunden. Nein, nicht Messerstecherei und Nazidemo, sondern das hier:

Obszöner Reichtum -

Dschihad als Familientradition -

Wir haben eine Menge Menschen im Land, die nicht hier aufgewachsen sind, sondern in islamistisch, patriarchisch, autokratischen Kulturen. Es sind schon zu viele Menschen von Mitgliedern dieser Gruppe getötet und noch viel mehr sexuell mißbraucht und belästigt worden. Die Hemmschwellen dafür liegen bei diesen Menschen viel, viel niedriger und das ist kulturell um nicht zu sagen religiös bedingt.

Daneben entsteht…

They are nothing like what you see on all the pictures. The sightseeings and wonders of the world.

The realization hit me in the face during a recent trip. After spending several days high in the mountains, with few people around to spoil the views, I came down to visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and some other tourist attractions.

I had already noticed in a few other places how the most beautiful places in the world are littered with plastic bottles and other trash, dropped by the same people who came to admire the unspoilted nature.

So at Neuschwanstein, I…

This question was recently asked on and I wrote a lengthy reply that I’ll post here as well, since I work in this sphere:

You can see right now in Europe how to do it. We’ve tried it the hard way for 30 years, worked not so very much. For about the same time we tried to convince politics that this is a danger, not much happened. Oh yeah, one day SOX happened and that brought a tiny benefit, but mostly on the paperwork and consulting-hours side.

In Europe, right now massive investments into information security are being made…

After a long absence from pen & paper roleplaying games, I have recently returned, starting a new group.

Our setting of choice is Scion, but with the 2nd edition not yet out and the ruleset of the 1st edition being, to put it bluntly, useless, our rules system of choice became Fate Core.

So this is our house rules for playing Scion with the Fate Core ruleset:

Character Creation

Characters are built largely according to the Fate Core rules.

In addition to High Concept and Trouble, also add an additional “son/daughter of (your god parent)” aspect. This does not grant any special…

Mansplaining, Manspreading, and more is currently being discussed and countered. Sometimes with the same fervor that equal rights, equal pay and rape within marriage being illegal were fought for, despite these not being even nearly on the same level.

The main issue with this is, however, that it has little to do with men, aside from being a great example of reverse discrimination. These kinds of behaviour are examples of aggressive, anti-social, pseudo-dominant behaviour. This type of behaviour is more prominent among men (this is the little it actually has to do with men), but exists among women as well.

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Collection of thoughts and short writings, sometimes about politics, sometimes about science, society or humanism. And sometimes about game development.

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