A Productive Day

Tom Vogt
Tom Vogt
Jun 25, 2016 · 3 min read

The Beta 4 of my game Schwarzwald was released today, with a lot of cool things I’ve been working on. Here is what is new:

The first is a new creature, the boar. Actually, an entire creature class. Because boars are not meat-eaters. They will never eat a peasant. However, they are big and angry and they do double damage to fields.

The second is the henhouse. I’ve been planning this for a while. The idea is that you build this somewhere on your land, and it will produce food every day. There is a trade-off here. You can’t plant a field on this plot anymore, and it takes 6 wood to build it. That’s 2 gathering actions plus one action to build it. Is it better to farm, or to have chickens? Or maybe a mix? We will see in the next games.

Number three is that there are now proper models for ruined houses, instead of the default ruin model that is more appropriate for fences.

The fourth is a new model for the monster, which had been using a placeholder model so far.

The last is a new look. I’ve updated the visual filtering a little, giving the whole game a slightly different look. Here is a direct comparison:

Old on the left, new on the right. You can see the colours have changed a bit and I like that new look better.

There have also been a lot of balance updates, bugfixes and smaller changes. So I can say, the day was a success.

If you want to join, at the time of this writing the beta has 2 games running and 2 more waiting for additional players, simply visit the website:


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