10. Reinette apples and books to remember

Started making my own Excel file with Reinette apple links — just to make better / more conscious choices when finally deciding on grafting old-new Reinette twigs on our only tree after the variety of the latter is known.

Lovely puzzle: seems the Wiki-page in German is the best, but still get frustrated that language versions differ also in the substance. And the sorts listed in German one differ from the sorts in English one (here) and sure the page in Russian gives even more frustration (here). But OK, I work it out one day.

Screenshot from here. What is actually the best way to draw a proper botanical (pomological) picture? This one?

Meanwhile I still postpone reading of the great works by the great Johann Hermann Knoop — just because it is not so user-friendly even digitally (link below or the same link here).

But meanwhile I found another great book online and easily readable as digital (pdf or many other format to choose — the link is to pdf, screenshot just from there; same book in another format is on Project Gutenberg eBook site).

Lovely classification for Reinette apples also in the British Pomology (screenshot from the book, do not repeat the link).

Really different but still apple-related: my bee-keeping stories of 2017.

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