13. Some serious science: full apple genome and related links

Have to close the links in Firefox I opened already few days ago to study/read. Save them here to be able to print and re-explore later this week / this months, realised that I have to catch up also on terminology of the most recent genetics & genome sequencing.

Well, no surprise that there are extensive worldwide joint studies on the apple (and other Rosaceae) genomes. Great that the full sequencing is done. Read more.

Screenshot — full article in pdf here at the link in Nature Genetics.

And there was/is a press-version of two A4 pages with some slightly easier-language summary — add the link also under the screenshot.

Full two-A4 version is here at the link.

And as long as I want to close all genome-related links for the coming few days — here is the database I opened but did not yet explore.

Press here to access the above website.

Well, I am probably getting old — but looking at the 19th / early 20th century apple drawings gives somewhat more joy and satisfaction than reading on top-science sequencing. Went to explore the latter link and suddenly have a feeling that it is top-science that is far from every-day life of those who grow and consume the apples…

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