2. De Baggelhof — great short visit to this top tree nursery

I am still learning how to use this medium space — but most likely I write here in English. As some of you know — I had most inspiring short training course on how to prune the (older & young) fruit trees — apples, pears and more. And the inspiration was great, and we got the apple tasting party (tell you here apart), and in the folder we got from the great hobby pomoloog Harry van der Laan — there was a link to this fruit-tree nursery.

Yes, we came there — and got my childhood nostalgy “Antonovka” — already planted in our own garden. And yes, we come back early May — for the twigs to have other sorts grafted on our old trees (after some action).

My utmost advice to all Dutch friends and to non-NL friends living nearby: if you think of a good fruit tree — visit De Baggelhof.

All photo’s — by Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

No, it’s not a paid ad. I never do those. It’s just inspiration and admiration — could be also too much, but with good will and with love.

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