1. New Project // Getting Started Here // UPD: APPLE FRUIT STORIES

Sunday, 24th January 2016

Obviously the variety of resources and blogging platforms exceeds individual writing capacities. And signing to yet another place means that one starts thinking of choices - which language to use? International English, that most of my multilingual friends can read, or Russian, that is still my mothertongue? Concentrate on birds, or use this very blog to organise myself for one of the long-thought plans but still hardly at the start of implementation? As long as I start here - I give myself some days to think of it. Meanwhile keep it low-profile - and will invite friends to read only when there is some contents to be shared.

UPD: You might be laughing: but it would be about apples. Mostly about Reinette, but also about people & apples. Yes, decided and definite.

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