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Erik Lenderman, a person of faith, is a Human Capital and Business Operations professional with Published books, ‘Principles of Practical Psychology’ (Published) and ‘Human Capital Management’ (Pre-release). Lenderman’s work has reached readers from 126 countries around the world. Lenderman has also developed web properties, which have reached 1.2 Million+ in combined listserv reach.

These publications are available on Amazon in order to promote access to information that could benefit any organization.

Publication: Principles of Practical Psychology

The first publication, Principles of Practical Psychology is focused upon a “Brief Review of Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience for Self-Inquiry and Self-Regulation”. This work provides professionals with a broad review of these fields to serve as a foundation for further study. The publication also addresses personal growth and self-development strategies, as related to modern neuroscience and brain imaging research.

Through thoroughly investigating the origins of Western thought, the work next introduces readers to the field of Eastern thought. These fields of inquiry, when integrated, may provide readers with a strong foundation from which to more effectively interpret their own, interior psychological processes. This may assist readers with promoting greater self-awareness both for their personal lives, relationships, and professional development.

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This publication includes references to Ken Wilber’s ‘Integral Theory’ and ‘Integral Spirituality’. Wilber’s model is designed to provide respect to all fields and traditions. Therefore, Erik recommends that readers begin through reviewing Wilber’s work, A Theory of Everything, a work which has been well received by many including Bill Clinton, Al Gore, researchers, and faith leaders around the world. Wilber’s model is primarily focused upon exploring the nature of psychology as related to individual / group behavior and their interior / exterior correlates. To learn more, please visit

Erik Lenderman has also worked with Electroencephalography (EEG), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) laboratories in Boulder, CO. Neurofeedback recognizes that nerve cells (neurons) transmit electrochemical signals in order to sustain life. These signals result in small, measurable electromagnetic fields, which may be self-regulated.

The application of EEG/Neurofeedback results in the measured frequency of nerve cell discharge in the brain (i.e. “brainwave” activity). These brainwave frequencies range from delta to theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. Through EEG and computer generated feedback, one may voluntarily activate and deactivate various brain networks to produce a variety of beneficial effects.

Publication: Human Capital Management

The second publication, Human Capital Management, is focused upon a brief review of HR, Organizational Psychology, and Global Theories in Economics. The primary objective of this work is to review theories of human development, the evolution of markets, and practical applications for organizational management. (Pre-Release, In Revision).

Therefore, the publication leverages Human Capital Management to promote Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology for enhanced productivity.

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The purpose of psychology is to study human behavior and develop strategic interventions that promote peak performance. Those who are interested in this subject may click the following link.

Sponsoring R&D for Military Service Persons

Erik Lenderman has also promoted research into enhancing resilience for those who have served in the U.S. Military. He has been a member of the National Veteran’s Small Business Coalition and the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association, but he himself is a civilian. To learn more about the organization, please watch the below video.

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His paternal grandfather served in the Navy for 20 years, and his great grandfather was in the Army, but even further back, his great-great grandfather worked as a railroad conductor. His family still has the pocket-watch that his great great grandfather used in order to track time while calling “All Aboard!” Tracing his paternal family further back is a relatively simple task, because Jay Guy, his cousin, has built a “Family Tree” that dates to the 1600s, when the first traces of his earliest ancestors stepped foot into the New World.

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