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Erik A. Lenderman

Erik Lenderman is an HR and Business Development professional with 2 Published books, ‘Principles of Practical Psychology’ and ‘Human Capital Management’. With over 15,000 readers from 126 countries around the world, Erik consistently works to enhance HR and business development practices for small, medium, and large businesses (See: Lenderman Consulting Group and HR Compliance in Washington, DC)

The first publication, Principles of Practical Psychology is focused upon a “Brief Review of Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience for Self-Inquiry and Self-Regulation”. This work is designed to provide individuals with a broad review of these fields in order to serve as a foundation for further study. However, this work also addresses personal growth and self-development strategies, which have been discovered through modern neuroscience and brain imaging research. Though thoroughly investigating the origins of Western thought, the work subsequently introduces readers to the field of Eastern thought. These fields of inquiry, when integrated, may provide readers with a strong foundation from which to more effectively interpret their own, interior psychological processes in order to promote greater self-awareness both for their personal lives, relationships, and professional development.

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The second publication, Human Capital Management, is focused upon a brief review of HR, Organizational Psychology, and Global Theories in Economics. The primary objective of this work is to ensure that professionals are capable of integrating their knowledge of human development, the evolution of economic civilization, and the practical applications for organizational management. This publication is designed to promote further academic and practical investigation into the nature of individual and group behavior within organizations so as to promote personal growth and development for professional purposes.

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Erik Lenderman’s work has been featured in Business Insider, where he facilitated a positive meeting between a privately held company and a leading business executive. This project was focused upon enhancing executive performance through practical psychological interventions such as electroencephalography (EEG) and neuro-training.

Erik Lenderman has also worked to found an HRV, GSR, and Galvanic Skin Response laboratory in order to learn more about human behavior and development at the graduate level in Boulder, CO. Meanwhile, his personal background includes a family of Veterans — Although he himself is a civilian

Erik Lenderman’s paternal grandfather served as a Chief in the Navy for 20 years, and his great grandfather was in the Army, but even further back, his great-great grandfather worked as a railroad conductor. He still has the pocket-watch that his great great grandfather used in order to track time while calling “All Aboard!”

Tracing his paternal family further back is a relatively simple task, because Jay Guy, his cousin, has built a “Family Tree” that dates to the 1600s, when the first traces of his earliest ancestors stepped foot into the New World.

To learn more about Erik Lenderman’s background, please visit or learn more through clicking here to learn about Lenderman Consulting Group via Erik A. Lenderman.

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