Erik Lenderman: Journey to Colorado

Erik A. Lenderman is the published author of ‘Principles of Practical Psychology’ and ‘Human Capital Management’.

Born in Fairfax Virginia, Erik Lenderman’s parents were Mark Lenderman and Laura Melamed. His father originated from St. Mary’s County Maryland and was primarily raised in the Roman Catholic tradition, whereas his mother was raised in a Jewish household in New York.

Erik Lenderman’s mother was raised in an affluent family in New York by her mother, Dorothy Klein and her step-father, Herb Klein, Partner at ‘Harry Krantz’, a New York based semi-conductor and high grade military electronics re-seller. Erik Lenderman’s mother moved from New York to Towson Maryland in order to complete her undergraduate studies at Towson University, which is where she met his father, Mark Lenderman.

Erik Lenderman spent his formative years with his parents in the Washington, DC metro area as well as with his paternal grandparents, Jack and Jean Lenderman, in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. This is where he would spend many summers exploring the natural landscape of Southern MD. Erik spent time away from the Washington, DC metro area, immersed in nature. Spending summers with his paternal grandparents meant that he was exposed to the Roman Catholic teachings, but this frequently stood in contrast to his exposure to Judaism during his formal Hebrew studies. This provided Erik with a balance of exposure to two religious traditions which were theologically opposed and therefore presented him with the common challenges associated with a dual-religious upbringing.

During his adolescence, Erik Lenderman became increasingly interested in approaching the study of the nature of reality through an empirical lens rather than a theological framework. Through many years of personal inquiry, he grew to become somewhat atheistic in his religious orientation. However, this soon gave way to a more existential approach to exploring spiritual meaning through contemplating the nature of the Cosmos through a priori and a posteriori reason as a means by which to derive meaning from nature.

Erik Lenderman began his personal inquiry into psychology beginning in high school and throughout his adolescent development. Graduating from Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia as the Vice President of his student body, he was soon accepted to attend The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

During his undergraduate studies at The Catholic University of America, Erik Lenderman was provided with the Horatio Alger Association of Americans 4-year undergraduate scholarship as well as the CUA Academic Competitiveness Grant for high GPA performance. He also attended Naropa University, where he was provided with the Presidential Scholarship for high levels of academic performance.

Erik Lenderman’s first project upon graduation was to launch an online Digital Retail company, iAwake Technologies, which sold audio products online. The company generated millions of dollars in revenues and served hundreds of thousands of customers. He subsequently sold his stake in that company and moved on to work on developing an Electrophysiology Research Laboratory with a university located in Boulder, Colorado.

Next, Erik Lenderman served as the Manager of Human Resources for a 501c3 non-profit corporation, which was focused upon preserving Tibetan Buddhist Education and Culture in lieu of the Chinese Invasion of Tibet. There, he worked with the Executive Team in order to reduce risk and liability through a Strategic Medical Benefits transition as well as innovative Time-Tracking and Flex-Time strategies, which enhanced strategies for remaining compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Next, Erik Lenderman published ‘Principles of Practical Psychology’ and launched the book to an online audience of over 1.2 Million in combined email and social media outreach in order to establish a listserv of over 15,000 people and separately reached 15,000 readers through Amazon. Through this launch he also established a positive dialog with Dr. James Hardt of the Biocybernaut Institute as well as Anthony Robbins, of Robbins Research International.

Thereafter, Erik Lenderman simultaneously served as a Human Capital Consultant and Digital Marketing Advisor to a variety of organizations while completing his second publication, ‘Human Capital Management’.

Today, Erik Lenderman continues to work with organizations in order to promote the practice of Industrial and Organizational Psychology through Practical Psychology and Human Capital Management strategies.

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