Missing Instagram here are 5 alternatives you can use — The update

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Back in June 2017, I wrote about 3 alternatives you could use for the Instagress blues. However one of the automation tools I mention Archie has since closed for business, around 10 days after I published my article.

Yes another tools has fallen victim to raft of Instagram cease and deceit. My original article gather a little speed, which resulted in requests for updates on automation tools.

The whole automation topic is very touchy subject especially in the Instagram community. So instead of updating the original I would just do a whole new article, well not really if you see how it’s titled.

With most of, if not all of the popular automation services getting shut down. This has cause a whole new spring of Instagress clones. Attempting to pick where the rest have fallen.

So here are the 5 alternatives for Instagress

1. Combin

Combin is a Instagram growth tool with a powerful search functionality. The user may perform searches by locations, hashtags, and by a combination of the activities. Combin tools states this is the best way of finding the most relevant posts and accounts for users. Combin also saves time by automating actions as search results refreshing, as well organizing followers, likes and comments to your convenience with its filtering and sorting abilities.

The great feature of Combin it has got a limit function that runs in line with Instagram likes, and following limits. This take the strain of worry about being like blocked or receiving a temporary ban.

It has a great clean UI (User Interface) making easy to use for virtually anyone. At the moment it doesn't support a lot of the features as some of the other automated solutions.

If your looking for a easy to use tool for Instagram Combin could be the answer. Combin is available for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.


  • Liking of Posts
  • Follow Accounts
  • Unfollow Accounts
  • Target Account Search
  • Manage Multiple Accounts

Features Coming Soon

  • Instagram DM and Comments Inbox
  • Post Scheduling
  • Account Analytic

Free — Ability to add 1 IG account, receive up to 50 search results
Personal -$10per month — 1 IG account, 500 search results auto update 
Business -$30 per month — Up to 5 IG accounts, 500 of search results auto update

2. Social Growth

Social Growth claims to supercharge your Instagram with their Autopilot solution. Their application is cloud based and is mobile friendly which is great as you don't have to download anything plus can be used on the move.

The features they offer are Auto Target via Autofollow, Autolike, Auto Comment, Auto Direct Message and Auto Repost. These feature can be setup to run on autopilot with a few settings adjustments.

Social Growth is a powerful bit of kit, with the add on of engagement post boost where you can purchase likes from their network of influencers and celebrities. This will help push your content up Instagram algorithm.

There is also the option to analyzed your campaigns and engagement via their dashboard. Overall I say this Instagram bot is all in one solution for growth everything in one place.


  • Unlimited Post Scheduling
  • Automated Liking
  • Auto Follow & Unfollow
  • Automated Commenting
  • Automated Direct Message
  • Auto Image Repost
  • Unlimited Instagram Account
  • Free Trial & Cancel Anytime
  • Advanced Technical Support
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Engagement Boosts

Add on Features

  • Automated Direct Message
  • Improve Engagement on Posts from $5 for 100 likes

Pricing Starts from €9 / week Auto Growth up to €19 per week

3. Instavast

Instavast is a Instagram bot that boast full automation, it has smart targeting, as well as post scheduling. Instavest even generates relevant hashtags for posting. The software does this by analyzing your posts using AI (artificial Intelligence) to see which hashtags are best suit to your content.

You control all these tools inside one dashboard for ease of use. Its is very similar to Instagress in terms of what they offer but with more features.

The features that helped Instagress stand out was its ways of controlling your interactions, well almost lets not forget the odd hiccup’s commenting on inappropriate posts.

“Hi Great Profile” or “This is amazing” “loving your profile”

What Instavast offers can fill your Instagress blues with ease at little cost.


  • Instagram Post Scheduler
  • Auto Liker
  • Auto Follower
  • Auto Commenter
  • Auto Unfollow
  • Mass Unfollow
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Geolocation Targeting
  • AI Hashtag generator
  • Managed Unlimited Accounts

Add on Features

  • Automated Direct Message
  • Comment Tracker

3 Free Trial After which it’s $10 per month for 1 account

4. Gramista

Gramista is quite simply Instagress in a new suit, Gramista doesn't boast any out of this world features. However they keep it right to the point of growth just giving you the tools you need.

Gramista is good for just setting up and leaving your account to run. Just like Instagress, the pricing for Gramista is quite fair you only pay for what you actually use. Gramista is a easy tool to use for Instagram growth as with Gramista it does what it says on the tin.


  • Like multiple posts
  • Follow targeted users
  • Target Locations
  • Blacklists
  • Smart mode

Pricing starts from $1.79 for 1 Day

5. Instawell

Instaswell is another Instagram software that runs on a cloud when your browsers closed. Instawell claims to increase your growth with qualitative targeting. The software determine your target audience by locations, followers of competitors, or hashtags.

Instawell has been around for 5 years with 10,000 customers so far this is a good sign that their software works as it should.

The only downside I saw was their pricing structure as its based on your account activities such as follows, like etc this is a little different from Instagress. Instawell is a good tool if you are a light Instagram user not looking to grow dramatically.

The best option would be

$20 per month which covers — 1000 likes daily — 1000 follows daily — 1000 unfollow


  • Like multiple posts
  • Follow targeted users
  • Auto Follower
  • Manage your comments
  • built in anti-spam filter
  • cloud server
  • Auto unfollowing
  • Unfollow non mutual
  • Unfollow non active
  • Search recent posts

Pricing Starting from $0/ Month – 50 likes daily – 50 follows daily

Instagram bots are forever promoting growth while you sleep. But one must remember using a bot or automation can bring you amazing results to help grow on a faster scale but……

People hate spam and guess who else does? Instagram, so always use Automation and bots in general with care or don’t use them at all.

So how can you be sure these clones will do the job, without getting your account banned. Always do trials with a test account before actually throwing your main account into the automation fire.

if everything runs as it should, your good to go. If you still need your Instagress fix after this I would say the best alternative is considering to build your own solution for Instagram. However this all depends on what your intending to use Instagram for.

Just in case your badly missing Instagress here is a exact clone for you :) the price is good too

$5.99/mth for 10 accounts or $9.99/mth for 100 IG accounts)

I hope these help,

Stay Gramming :)

Signing Off