$495 Shoe, Cutler Quits, and an NBA Update

I am making seasoned taco meat while I write and edit it, so I will keep it short on this Cinco De Mayo holiday.

Lonzo Ball has unveiled his new shoe line. It’s marquee shoe the ZO2 is priced at $495. His dad Lavar Ball added to the conversation about the shoes being priced so high saying this; This is the Big Baller Brand, if you can’t afford it you are not a big baller. But seriously it is a low top shoe that looks very similar to the newest Kobe shoe that runs about $110.

Some of the twitter comments have been great. Kristen Leahy from the Colin Cowherd shoe said she prefers guys that don’t say they are “Big Ballers” Whether they can afford $500 shoes or not. And my Favorite from Shaq; A real Big Baller would not overcharge kids for shoes with a picture of his signature Shaq shoe that was notoriously cheap.

Jay Cutler from the Bears is now out of football. He has agreed to terms with Fox’s TV team for the upcoming season. Two former franchise QBs have stepped away from the game to join the TV ranks.

A quick NBA update, the Warriors are up 2–0 on the Jazz with what looks like another sweep and Washington was able to win a game at home against the Celtics to take the series to 2–1 still for Boston. Tonight Clevland takes on Toronto and the Spurs will play their first game without Parker against the Rockets.

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