Arizona Cardinals Defensive Picks, Offensive Picks, and Quarterbacks

All seven rounds of the NFL draft is over. Here is my breakdown of how the Cardinals did.

They picked up three outstanding and very versatile Defensive players. Hassan Reddick can play inside out or outside linebacker. Budda Baker is a Tyrann Mathieu clone and can play safety or slot corner and Rudy Ford is a very athletic safety that can also play outside corner and help in run support. Ford was fresh off of ankle surgery when he ran a 4.3 forty at his pro-day. The Cardinals did not draft a true corner to play opposite of Patrick Peterson. They will have to hope that Justin Bethel improves after his foot surgery or that Brandon Williams shows significant improvement in his second year.

The Cardinals also drafted four offensive players. Wide Receiver Chad Williams and running back TJ Logan. Williams put up decent numbers at Grambling and had a 13 catch, 150 yard game against the Arizona Wildcats. TJ Logan, running back, ran 4.37 and will be a favorite to make the team as a kick returner and a change of pace back on offense. The Cardinals also drafted two offensive linemen. Dorian Johnson and Will Holden, both will come in and compete for backup roles on offense. Johnson is better than his fourth round pick status but has a liver issue that teams were scared of. The Cardinals were comfortable with the risk and took a very good player at a great value pick. Holden is huge. 6'7, over 300 pounds and has very long arms. Those are the things you cannot teach.

Finally, the Cardinals did not draft a QB. Any of the QBs that they were rumored to be interested in were gone before Arizona picked in the first round. They did, however, sign undrafted rookies Trevor Knight and Antonio Pipkin to the roster. Both will have a hard time beating out Zac Dysart for the third QB spot, which will most likely end up as a practice squad role regardless.

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