Bagley III heads to Duke and Arians Not Happy With Receivers

Marvin Bagley III is going to reclassify as a class of 2017 student and will head to Duke to play basketball. Bagley is listed as the number one player in the 2018 draft class ahead of Zion Williamson the high flying dunk machine that dominates YouTube.

There was hope in Tucson that Bagley an Arizona native would stay close to home and head to U of A, but Bagley had recently eliminated the Wildcats and narrowed it down to UCLA, USC, or Duke. Bagley got permission from Danny Ferry to wear his retired number of 35 next year at Duke. I am a huge fan of this kid, and he is going to do very well under the tutelage of Coach K.

Bruce Arians made a splash at his press conference yesterday when he told reporters that he was not happy with any receivers outside of John Brown and Larry Fitzgerlad. He then said that John Brown was only good when available and right now he is not available. Arians took it further, threatening to bring in another WR to come and compete for a job. My guess is this was a motivational tactic to get those players moving in practice, but maybe he is telling the truth.

So who is out there in the free agency world that could compete for a job here? Vincent Jackson is coming off of a knee injury and still hopes to play for the Bucs this season, but as of now, he is unsigned. Eddie Royal who was cut by the Bears is still available, and finally, Dorial Green-Beckham is also available. Green-Beckham is 6'4" 224lb receiver that has not been as productive as his second round draft pick status has required, but at 24 years old he is intriguing, to say the least.

People have asked me if I like Sage Academy and how great of a school is it. I take both of my kids their by choice, so yeah, I really like it. As far as how good it is, last year, my daughter scored perfect on her AZ Merit math tests. We didn’t have to wait for her test score to come back to know either, my daughter was so confident in herself, that she told us she scored perfect the day of the test. She was right. I am happy with my choice, and I just want everyone to know they have a choice too.

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