Cleveland General Manager Let Go, AJ Pollock Hurt and Budda Baker

After three straight NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers fired general manager David Griffin. The Cavs are not particularly concerned about finding a high profile player in Thursday’s NBA draft, but they have been in talks of trying to acquire Jimmy Butler and talking with Indiana as I mentioned yesterday about renting Paul George for a year. This is a very odd move for a guy that helped bring the first championship to Cleveland.

After missing more than a month with a groin injury, AJ Pollock felt some tightness in his quad in his second game back while playing for Triple-A Reno. The Diamondbacks have been rolling without him over the last month going 23–8, but he does give them some flexibility to get the right matchup each night. I hope he comes back sooner rather than later.

Finally, in some Cardinals news, Budda Baker the second round draft pick of the Arizona Cardinals has joined the team. Because of a dumb rule for colleges on a four-quarter schedule instead of a two-semester schedule, players are not able to join their pro teams right away. He was able to attend the first rookie mini-camp where he did snag an interception, but the forced time away is not ideal for a rookie that could see the field early in his career.

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