Diamondbacks Baseball and Cardinals Football

Tonight is the first game of the Dbacks Dodgers, and I am pumped. Baseball is going on all day today, and the good news is that the Dbacks play late, so you don’t have to call in sick to catch the game.

I mean, unless you want to. Kershaw will be up against Taijuan Walker who is not the matchup the Dbacks were hoping for, but they had to use Robbie Ray in relief against the Rockies. To be fair, this matchup is more about Kershaw than it is anyone.

If he dominates, then it doesn’t matter if it is Ray or Greinke for that matter, the Dbacks are in trouble. But Kershaw is 4–7 in the playoffs with a 4.55 ERA. That is much higher than his 2.31 ERA that he had in the regular season in 2017.

If the Dbacks can get to Kershaw early, anything can happen.

Playoff baseball is in full swing, and I can not wait to watch this series unfold.

The Arizona Cardinals are going to the Philly for a dreaded 10 am start on the east coast. The Cardinals have never played well in that time zone, and I don’t expect them to play well Sunday. The Eagles D-line is elite, and Arizona’s O-line is trash. Humphries will still be out, but we may be able to get Alex Boone back which will help some but not much.

I expect an ugly sloppy game. The Cards have a chance if they play in hurry-up mode all game and wear down the front seven of the Eagles. This is a double edge sword, however. If you go fast and don’t pick up first downs, you put your defense right back on the field and we get tired. I don’t have high hopes for this week.

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