Draft Day Developments and More on the Fight

Today is the day of the draft, and another big name has hit the trade market. The Spurs are reportedly shopping around LeMarcus Aldridge for a top-10 pick. Which is not a good sign after the Spurs were the big winners of the Aldridge free agency show.

Phil Jackson took to the airwaves and explained his position on Kristaps Porzingis and mentioned that he missed his team exit interview. He seemed pretty upset, and there is a precedent with Jackson and star players missing their required interview. Shaq was two weeks late to a meeting that infuriated Jackson, and then skipped it all together the offseason before he was shipped from the Lakers to the Heat. Apparently missing a meeting with Jackson is a tradeable offense.

Sources are also saying that Chauncey Billups will be the Cavaliers new GM. He has reportedly been offered a Five-year contract to take over for the recently released David Griffin.

One of my favorite shows sports science offered a look at Mayweather and McGregor with some scientific facts. It was interesting to see that McGregor comes with the same velocity with his left straight as an MLB pitcher when he transfers 80% of weight to his rear leg and then transfers that weight back to his lead leg as he twists. This is the punch that he has knocked out guys like Mendez, Aldo, and flattened Diaz multiple times.

On the flip side, they looked at the snap of Floyd’s counter right and determined that at 10.5 Gs it has the same power output as Nate Diaz, the last guy to beat McGregor. Then Nate Diaz went on to Andre Ward’s show and talked about McGregor having a very amateur style of boxing and that he has to win in the first three rounds to have a chance. This is consistent with what I hear from other fight-experts, but I disagree.

Tomorrow, I will break down what I think that Conor should do to have a chance in this fight.

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