Fantasy Football Time and Historic Baseball

I am Lenny Letcher, and this is your Long Ball Breakdown,

It is Football week.

I just finished my first fantasy draft last night with my second tonight. I won’t brag about my team since it is a ten person league and it is pretty easy to end up with a solid roster with only nine picks in front of you. I do have the second highest point projection of all of the teams for week one and feel pretty good about my team.

The Diamondbacks had a historic night last night. JD Martinez who was acquired by the Dbacks from the Detroit Tigers midseason hit four home runs. A feat that is rarer than a perfect game. Which pitcher Robbie Ray also had going until the fifth inning of the same game. 18 times in league history has a player hit four home runs in a match, if Ray could have completed the perfect game, it could have been the single best game by a team ever.

The Dbacks will have to settle for the 13–0 win and keeping pace for the top wild card spot in the NL.

Looking ahead to the one game playoff wild card playoff you would expect Zach Greinke to make that start, which would make Robbie Ray your game one and potentially game five starter. That should scare the Dodgers and their fans who were booing their 92 win team last night.

Oh, and the 13 runs happened without Paul Goldschmidt in the lineup. This team has gotten hot at the right moment, let’s see if it can carry them into some post season success.

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